How to Select the Proper Solar Shower


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Outdoor solar showers are a quick and convenient way to rinse off before and after using a pool or spa. Showering before getting into the water is more sanitary and reduces the “scum” produced by sweat, sunscreen and natural oils in the skin. It is also refreshing afterwards to rinse off the chlorine and other pool chemicals that can dry or irritate skin. Solar showers are environmentally friendly, using the sun to heat water and provide a comfortable water temperature.

Step by Step


Step 1

Budget will be the main factor in selecting a solar shower. There is a basic model made of black PVC and a cream-colored designer model made by Jacques Giordano.

Step 2

Basic model – Our outdoor solar shower with base is made of non-corrosive black PVC and connects to a garden hose. Once filled with water, it absorbs the sun’s heat to warm the water and will provide about a two minute shower. It has a swivel shower head and a temperature adjustment. The shower can be easily mounted almost anywhere.

Step 3

Original Jacques Giordano Solar Shower – This outdoor shower was designed by Giordano Industries in France two decades ago and continues to be a top selling model. It features an attractive design in a cream color with a chrome shower head and fixtures. The shower comes with one solar collector which provides 7 – 9 minutes of warm water.

Step 4

Optional Accessories - For the Jacques Giordano Solar Shower, a second collector can be connected to extend the shower length by about 4 – 7 minutes. Another optional feature is an aluminum deck base that can be installed when concrete is poured for a new patio or deck, or used as a support plate on a wooden deck.



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