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Frontier III Board & 656/658 Supreme Stand


The Frontier III Board is intended for moderate to heavy-duty use on residential pools.  There are no unusual climatic restrictions for this board's use.

With the exception of the drilling pattern and in (nominal) lengths of 6-feet (1.83m), 8-feet (12.44m) and 10-feet (3.05m), the Frontier III Board is identical in construction to the Frontier II Board. In the 6, 8 and 10-foot sizes, the Frontier III has a durable acrylic outer body (skin) and a non-slip, sanded tread. The Frontier III is also available in a (nominal) length of 12-feet (3.66m) but featuring a gel-kote rather than acrylic surface. To provide dealers flexibility in marketing, this 12-foot unit may also be ordered using a different part number under the Fibre-Dive name. All lengths of the Frontier III Board feature hand-laid
fiberglass and resin roving over a solid laminated wood runner acting as the board's skeletal frame. The Frontier III Board is available either pre-drilled with two holes for ease in installation or without pre-drilled holes (add NH to the part number to specify) to allow mounting on a variety of existing stands. Note that there is no warranty for boards provided without pre-drilled holes. Refer to the Board Selection Chart for actual board dimensions.

  • ALL BOARDS have laminated Douglas fir cores.
  • ALL BOARDS have acrylic skin - Durable, colorfast surface with embossed texture resists marring. Standard in 6', 8', 10' and 12' lengths.
  • ALL BOARDS have non-slip surface - The same sanded surface is used on all of our boards.

Diving boards (including spring boards, jump boards and starting platforms) shall be installed only on pools meeting or exceeding minimum requirements for the various pool types as outlined in the current edition of ANSI/NSPI-1 (for public pools), ANSI/NSPI-5 (for residential pools.). In addition, all installations must meet or exceed applicable local codes in accordance with S.R.SMITH written instructions.

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swimming pool diving boards

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