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Pentair IntellipH pH Controller


Pentair AquaPC OnPoint and Smart pH Control Systems

AquaPC OnPoint is an automatic chemical control system, continuously monitors pH and sanitizer levels to prevent the ups and downs of chemical concentration.Eliminates eye and skin irritation and odor caused by out of balance conditions. This unit is compatible with liquid feed pumps, erosion type chemical feeders and salt chlorine generators with programmable chemical feed cycle on and off times.The controller is simple to operate and offers one-touch calibration. Password protection prevents tampering or accidental program changes. Manual over-ride offers the user an opportunity to shock the pool in the event of or prior to a heavy bather load. The Flow Sensor ensures the chemicals won't feed without system flow, guarding against false readings and equipment damage.

Smart pH is the micro-processor based, automatic way to achieve adn maintain perfect pH balance. Designed to control pH in any type of pool: aboveground, portable spa, or in-ground pool and spa. Comes hard wired fornew installations or can be added to an existing pool by plugging into an 110V outlet. Maintain consistent pH balance with this easy-to-use controller that does the monitoring and chemical management for you. Can be used with hand-fed liquid chlorine or CO2 gas systems(requires additional regulator kit).The Smart pH enhances the performance of salt chlorine generator systems by making the produced chlorine more effective and efficient.

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