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Savi X-Stream Note Products


View: Savi Note Underwater Lights

What is the difference between X-Stream Notes and X-Stream Melodies? All of the Nexxus X-Stream Products are offered in a Note model and a Melody model. Both the X-Stream Melody and X-Stream Note are LED lights the main difference is that the X-Stream Notes are connected to a M4 Light Controller where the X-Stream Melody lights do not require the M4 controller as they have a light driver in the cable. If you go with a Note system then 4 Notes will hook up to one M4 controller. If you go with a Melody System then you will need to purchase a transformer for the system, a transformer is not required for the Notes. Click here to view the Savi X-Stream Melody.

What is the difference between fiber optics and LED? Typically LED is much less to operate than fiber optics and gives similar light out put as Fiber Optics. The main benefit to Fiber Optics is that you can run many lights off of a fiber optic illuminator which allows you to create a complete backyard lighting environment. So if you are looking for just one or two lighting features then LED is typically a good option, if you are looking at adding many lighting features then fiber optics is the way to go. 

Click here to view our Fiber Optics Guide which explains fiber optics in much greater detail.

NOTE: Savi X-Steam Note requires one of three M4 Controllers(sold separately)