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Pool Noodles


Regular Pool Noodles Case

This indestructible pool noodle will be an instant hit at your pool. These long, soft, closed-cell foam tubes will last and last. Float on them, play games with them - have a blast with them this summer! The NT240 Regular Pool Noodles are made of 100% polyethylene foam. The regular pool noodle size measures 2-3/4" diameter by 58" long and floats over 200 lbs. The diameter of the inside hole is about 3/4"

Super Big Boss Pool Noodles Case
The Gladon Big Boss pool noodle is the larger diameter pool noodle. This water toy and exercise float has many uses. Big Boss Pool Noodles are 58" long and 4" in diameter and should be used for Ages 5 & Up. Floats about 300 lbs. Case comes in colors of blue and yellow. The diameter of the inside hole is about 3/4"

Solid Round Pool Noodles Case
Gladon solid round pool noodles are the pool noodles without a center hole. These pool noodles are resistant to the bending, twisting, and rough abuse found in the swimming pool.Solid Pool Noodles are 58" long and 2 3/4" in diameter for Ages 5 & Up. Case comes in the colors of orange and yellow.

Squirty Head Pool Noodles Case
The Squirty Head Pool Noodles sucks the water through the center of the pool noodles and squirts through the squirting head. The pool noodles come with either a goldfish or a whale head. The Squirty Head Pool Noodles provide long lasting watery fun for everyone! Each water noodle is 44" long and for Ages 5 & Up.

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