Model # NE424

Product Description



This powerful new cleaner features the same technology as its in-ground cousin the G4. An exceptional aerodynamic design allows the Zoom to clean faster and more effectively than any other above-ground cleaner. The patented long-life diaphragm is the only moving part so there are no gears to clog or jam. The Zoom’s diaphragm is specially designed to work at lower flow rates, so the unit will even clean pools with lower horsepower pumps. Zoom’s “flowkeeper” valve automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance and allowing the pool’s surface skimmer to work while the cleaner is operating. You can install the Zoom in minutes without any tools or special fittings. Since it runs off your pool’s pump and filter, Zoom cleans automatically anytime that your pump is operating. Unlike other “flapper-style” cleaners, this unit cleans quietly without the annoying hammering noise. The unit comes complete and ready to attach to your skimmer with 36-feet of hose. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects and wear and tear. Invest in the quickest, quietest, and most reliable automatic pool cleaner – the Zoom!