Control,S-Class,4.0kW 120/240v(P1,P2,Bl,Oz,CP,Lt)K-35,Lg Rec - 58-337-1370

Part # 58-337-1370



Part # 58-337-1370

Product Description

Dimensions of control system: Heater: 2? x 15? Box Height 11-1/2? Box length? 14-1/4? Box Width? 3-3/8? This S-Class spa control system provides all the accessories needed for an installation requiring dual pumps, an air blower, an ozonator, and a light: TSC-35/K-35 Control Panel, Large Rectangle, 6-Button, LED, with 10ft cord TSC-35/K-35 Control Panel dimensions 3-1/4?x 7? Control Panel Adapter Plate, Large 2- spd pump cord,120/240v, 48?, JJ ?Mini, 14/4 AWG 1-spd pump cord, 120/240v, 48?, JJ-Mini, 14/3 AWG Blower cord, 120/240v, 48?, JJ-Mini, 18/3 AWG Ozone Cord,120/240v, 48?, JJ-Mini, 18/3 AWG 2?x 15? Flow Thru heater, 1.0/4.0kW 120/240v Temperature Sensor thermowell, 3/8? Operation and installation manual Two-Year manufacturer?s limited return and repair warranty? Other features of this S-Class spa control include: Automatic time-out on all outputs Sensor failure detection Ozone management Programmable filter cycles High-limit protection Pressure switch failure detection Current limiting option Smart Winter Mode Temp. accuracy within ? 1?F Filter cycle overtemp protection