Part # 58-337-1886

Manufacturer Code BDLTSC18GE3

Alternate Part #'s 0202-007134, 58-337-2020

Product Description

Dimensions 2-1/2? x 5?This TSC-18/K-18 control panel will work with SSPA systems and will control a pump and an air blower. It has an LED readout and comes with a 10ft cord. Replaced by the Topside, Gecko TSC-18/K-18, 4 Btn, Small Rec, LED, w/2 Overlays Manufacturer #: 0202-007134

The Manufacturer #: 0202-007134 will work in place of the original. They are the same TSC-18/K-8 topside, same plug type.

Both topsides are the same size.

The only difference between these two is the discontinued model read “ Pump, Blower, Light, Up/Down” from left to right.

The new one reads “Pump1, Pump 2, Light, Up/Down”.





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