Part # 58-355-1714

Manufacturer Code HS-V6500-55E5

Alternate Part #'s 58-355-8050

Product Description

The Lite Leader™ replacement is now available!

The Silver-B replaces Lite Leader™ units with a stronger warranty - 2-years administered by Horizon!

The Lite Leader™ unit originally came in three different configurations - this unit is a drop-in replacement for all of them

The Lite Leader™ unit originally came with exposed electrical connections on an open pressure switch - the Silver-B has an enclosed pressure switch that plugs directly into the control box

Includes Spaside control panel 58-138-1160, slide-configured 4.0kW heater 46-355-1477, pump, ozone, and light cords.

Control Box Dimensions

Height Width Depth
10" 9-5/8" 4-1/4"