By Baracuda



Model # 04099

Product Description

Introducing MARS from Baracuda—pool cleaning reborn. Its new, revolutionary technology is a welcome change from old ideas on how to clean inground pools. MARS was designed, engineered and built from the ground up with a single goal in mind—to enhance your family's pool enjoyment with the best inground pressure-side pool cleaner on earth.

MARS is also the simplest, automatic inground pressure-side pool cleaner in the world. It contains only 1/3 the parts of traditional pressure-side pool cleaners. With fewer parts, MARS is considerably more reliable. This frees you from expensive and time-consuming rebuilds every couple of years.


MARS can clean an average 15x30 foot inground pool in less than three hours. Yet, what really sets MARS apart is that it not only collects large debris like oak leaves and acorns, but also sweeps up fine debris like sand. Plus, MARS is designed to be much easier for you to use. Its large volume debris trap is literally a snap to service compared to the smaller, hard-to-empty bags found on other pressure-side pool cleaners.


MARS is totally compatible with existing pressure-side booster pumps—no special adjustments or custom adaptations are necessary. MARS starts working as soon as it's installed. And best of all, MARS operates in all shapes and sizes of pools, including square pools.


With MARS, your pool water will be clearer than a pool cleaned with traditional pressure-side pool cleaner designs. That's because pool cleaners with whip-like tails put dirt into suspension. And dirt in suspension means cloudy pool water.


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