By Blue Wave



Model # NE6623

Warranty 3 Year

Product Description

These  simple anti-entrapment device’s protect your family; including children, from  pump suction entrapment.

Defeat the hidden dangers of pool suction entrapment with these simple to use vacuum relief systems. We offer this protection with two anti-entrapment devices that are ingenious for their
 simplicity.  Both the Automatic Adjustable and Electrical Adjustable, will automatically allow air into the pump in the event of an abnormally high vacuum suction (such as child pulled down on the mail drain) which will then cause the pump to lose prime, preventing any chance of entrapment.  Both units are easily installed on the pumps winterizing plug. While both vacless products work in a similar way, they have different features:
Automatic  Adjustable:
Upon entrapment, the automatic adjustable allows air into the pump causing it to lose prime and freeing the entrapped victim.  The entire sequence occurs in milliseconds.  After the entrapment is freed the seal in the unit springs back to normal and the pool/spa pump will re-prime.
 Electrical  Adjustable:
Functions the same as the automatic adjustable model in that when sensing an entrapment, the unit immediately causes the pool/spa pump to lose prime, thereby releasing the entrapped victim. In addition, the electric adjustable triggers the pool pump to shut off.

The secret to both the vacless SRVS’S is the innovative proprietary seal design that will work on any pool system with pumps from ½  hp to 10 hp.
Both vacless SRVS systems meet all the standards for entrapment : Virginia Graeme Baker Act, ANSI/ASME A112.19-17 Certified. Vacless systems are easily installed and require no tools.  Protect your children from the hidden dangers of entrapment this season. 3 Year Warranty.