By Del Ozone



Model # 99008

Product Description

The Platinum Spa Eclipse is DEL's newest high-output, high-concentration Corona Discharge ozone generator for residential spas. The higher concentration capability of the Platinum allows for higher mass transfer of ozone into your spa water. This means that more ozone is coming into contact with your spa's water, therefore, killing more organic materials such as bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, cysts and other oils from people. Ozone even destroys bather load (skin, oils, perspiration, etc.) and other organics from bathers which keeps the scum line from ever appearing in your spa.

The Platinum Spa Eclipse is considerably more energy efficient than comparatively priced UV ozone generators. In fact, Corona Discharge cell technology uses 1/4 the amount of energy compared to UV bulbs

Q: What is the difference between the Standard Spa Eclipse ozonator and the Platinum Spa Eclipse Ozonator?

A: The Platinum Spa Eclipse has a flow restrictor which allows less air flow through the system. Less air flow means there is less overall production of ozone but nearly double the concentration of ozone. The concentration of Ozone is the main factor in which you want to look at when comparing ozonators. The specifications of each unit is as follows:

Standard Spa Eclipse - 35 Mg of Ozone @ 300 Parts Per Million
Platinum Spa Eclipse - 20 Mg of Ozone @ 500 Parts Per Million

The Platinum Ozonator is rated at a 15,000 hour life span where the standard unit is rated at 9,000 hours, so the platinum will last almost twice as long.

The last thing to consider is that the standard eclipse has a replaceable chip which costs about $52 and the Platinum Eclipse does not have a replaceable chip, so after the 15,000 hours you would need to replace the entire unit.

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