UV Lamp RENEWAL KIT For ZO-300/302 - 9-0721-01


Part # 9-0721-01

By Del Ozone

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Part # 9-0721-01

Product Description

Renew that ZO-300/302 once a year.

9-0721-01 Del Spa Renewal kit used on all ZO-300 and ZO-302 models

Is it time to replace your Del Spa Ozone bulb? CD Ozone Chips and UV Lamps are both rated for 9,000 hours of operation. Although you can wait for the unit to completely fail before replacing the ozone components, it is better to replace them before failure. Like an oil change on a car, keeping it up on a regular basis is healthier for the car in the long run.

Unlike CD Ozone Chips which have an easily detectable glow indicating there is ozone being created, the UV Lamps will continue to light up for years after the ozone capability has been diminished. Don't let the ligth fool you. Calculate your usage. Replace at 9,000 hours which is one year if ran 24/7.

The Del Renewal Program keeps your spa water healthy with a high degree of sanitation. By keeping your water up, you avoid down times when your water quality is poor, plus you avoid adding unnecessary chemicals that are needed when you water becomes unbalanced.

If you enjoy the fresh water an ozonator gives you, year after year. Renewal Kits are priced the same as the CD Chip or Lamp alone because we know the value of replacing your check valve and tubing at the same time.

To Renew your ZO-300 or ZO-302, order 9-0721-01 and receive the replacement 9-0362 Lamp, 5' of 7-0075 tubing, a 7-1140-01 check valve, and hose clamps.
Bulb, Check Valve and tubing shown below


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