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Part # RC6F

Alternate Part #'s INTRC6F

Product Description

Intermatic Air Controls are a 3 Part System which require the following 3 items:

  • Air control - The Air control is the heart of the system and is usually placed near the pool equipment. The Air Control can be purchased in several models, a single circuit air control (RC2133P) will control a pump, light, heater or blower up to 100 feet away. This air switch can also turn a single speed pump ON and OFF or operate between high speed and low speed of a two-speed pump. The two circuit air control (RC2233P) allows for two push buttons to be connected to the control box, with two flexible air hoses, enables the user to operate two pieces of equipment up to 100 feet away. The two circuit air control (RC2343PT) is also available with a 24 hour multiple program timer that turns a filter pump ON/OFF several times per day.
  • Air Button - The air button is placed at the side of the pool, spa or hot tub. Each time pressure is applied to the remote air button the connected equipment will operate. The operation, however, can be stopped any time during the cycle by simply pressing the air button.

  • Tubing - Tubing is run from the air button to the air control. When the air button is pushed a blast of air travels through the tubing and engages the air control.

The air button and air hose are not included with the purchase of the Air Control and must be purchased separately. The RC6F air button will function with a maximum air hose length of 150 feet

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