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Model # 94204444

Product Description

Auto Tracking - Programmed Tracking feature insures complete coverage. The Tracker 4X model is recommended for pools with a depth greater than 6 feet.

Turbine Drive with Folding Vanes - Provides maximum drive power with minimum pump suction.

Patented Tread Design with Tread Claw - Great for climbing over main drains and uneven surfaces.

Patented Multiple, Self-cleaning Hose Cone - Flushes out debris; prevents hose from binding.

  • 4 Wheel Auto Tracking
  • Patented tire design with Tread Claw on front tires.
  • Tracks 11-14 feet between programmed turns.
  • Five separate turns from 90 - 540 degees.
  • Excellent for Inground/Above ground pools above 20'
  • Includes approx. 40 feet of hose.
  • Connects to suction side of pool equipment.
  • Warranty - 1 year

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?     Asked on 12/24/2007by Guest

I have purchased in the past the rubber wheels for the two wheel cleaner. Can not locate on your site. Thanks.

A  Answered on 12/24/2007 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Here is the link to the rubber tires for the Jacuzzi Tracker 2X two wheel cleaner You may also view the entire parts breakdown for the Jacuzzi Tracker here

?     Asked on 4/10/2008by Guest

Can the steering cams be interchanged between the 4x and 2x?

A  Answered on 4/10/2008 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes you can change the cams. For instance if you have a 4 Wheel Unit and it is in a small pool and you want it to turn more then the 2 Wheel cam will make the 4 Wheel turn more. Likewise if you have a 2 Wheel unit and you want it to turn less then if you replace the cam with a 4 Wheel cam it will have more straight run.

?     Asked on 6/7/2019by Inyo Visitor

Tracker seems to be having trouble getting suction in skimmer and then tracker is sticking. what parts are recommended to replace

A  Answered on 6/7/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. It sounds like the issue is that the cleaner is not getting adequate suction. Check your filter or adjust your valve. 

?     Asked on 7/1/2019by Marlene Bolander

Tracker 4x seems to have trouble moving - gears are sticking. when taken a part, we can spin the cranks, but then they will stick again. Any suggestions or what parts can help. The feeling is that there is something causing the problem, but we cannot get to it.

A  Answered on 10/15/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Steve M.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however, we have been unable to obtain an answer to your question from the manufacturer. We suggest contacting Jacuzzi directly to see if they can offer any advice.


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