By Jandy



Model # LPC4S

Product Description

Jandy Laminar Jet Pulse Controller LPC4 — Enhancing The Beauty And Entertainment Value Of Jandy Laminar Flow Jets.

Jandy Laminar Jet Pulse Controller LPC4 brings a burst of color to Laminar Jet lighting. The LPC4 pulses the fiber optic light providing color that travels throughout the stream of the jet.

Due to unique microprocessor based electronics, multiple settings can be achieved from timed bursts of light to random operation and finally to patterns. The LPC4 can control up to four individual Jandy Laminar Flow Jets and includes a control panel and two solenoid actuators. The LPC4 has an exclusive interface with the AquaLink RS® for indoor control of the pulsing of the Laminar FlowJets.

Create the ultimate in backyard water and light fantasy with the Jandy Laminar Jet Pulse Controller LPC4.

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