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Model # 520146

Product Description

Smart and Simple Automation

Truly intelligent and simple pool and spa automation is here! Introducing IntelliTouch, the automated control system that makes operating and maintaining a pool and spa easy and convenient, as well as making sure they function with peak efficiency and economy.

Here's why IntelliTouch sets the standard in pool and spa automation:

Programming is easy: Whether you use one of our preset programs or create your own, IntelliTouch makes it simple to schedule your pool and spa equipment operation. Create and change programs without complicated sequences. Control panels have large, sharp, high-resolution screens with commands and icons that are easy to view.

Whether it's pools, pool and spa combinations, pools with separate spas, even water features and landscape lighting, IntelliTouch makes it easy and convenient to control any configuration, large or small.

It remembers for you: IntelliTouch takes the worry out of pool and spa operation:
• Count-down timer for automatic shut-off protects equipment and saves energy.
• Recirculating freeze protection automatically runs your pumps when temperatures plunge.
• Automatic pool cleaner lock-out protects cleaner pump while your system is in spa mode.
• Display panel alerts you to system problems and tells you when service is needed.

It makes pool service simple: Your service technician can put IntelliTouch in "Service" mode and run all programs from the outside equipment pad. And the "Time Out" mode allows programs to be interrupted and automatically resumed, so you don't have to worry about reprogramming.

IntelliTouch Control Features:

With their large, sharp, high-resolution screens, IntelliTouch control panels make commands and icons easy to view. Simple menus allow you to create and change programs without the need for complicated sequences.

You can even assign your own names to function buttons for easy identification. And multiple panels can be installed in your home or guest house for added convenience. Control Panel Features:
• Controls up to 40 pool, spa, landscape, and water feature functions.
• Sharp resolution with adjustable brightness and contrast.
• Back-lighted with auto backlight shut-off.
• View at a glance:
– Pool and spa actual and set temperatures
– Heating status
– Air temperature
– Status of all equipment (up to 10 circuits, including filter pump, heater, automatic cleaner)
– Time and day
• Function buttons can be custom named for easy identification.
• Simple on-screen menus and easy navigation make programming a snap!

Introducing Intellitouch - A New Age in Automation

Welcome to a new age in pool/spa automation! Like its name implies, Intellitouch is the intelligent control system that opens up new horizons for the creative pool designer. One of the most dramatic innovations is the all-new lighting animation called "Swimming Colors". When teamed up with SAm, SAL and/or FIBERworks lighting, IntelliTouch will delight pool owners with underwater lighting that changes color in sequence as it swims from spa to pool to water features. All that is needed is an IntelliTouch system, and any combination of three or more of the lighting products mentioned above. For example, a great "Swimming Colors" set-up for a pool/spa combination is to install two SAm lights in the side of the pool and one SAm or SAL light in the spa. Technical Note: Lights must be connected to separate Auxiliary Circuits for "Swimming Colors" to function (Not available with IntelliTouch model i5 or i5S).

IntelliTouch also changes the game in regards to control of Auxiliary Circuits. In addition to the Auxiliary Circuits used for controlling pumps and lights, Intellitouch offers a whole new level of control. This new approach, called Feature Cirucits, can be used for controlling valve actuators used for water feature effects and spa spillways, as well as 2-speed filter pumps. Feature Circuits let the pool designer get more control out of the system at no extra cost. They even add a Macro capability, where any number of circuits can be combined on a singel button. This fives the pool owner the ability to set up "themes" with custom names. For example, a Feature Circuit could be named "Spa Party", which would be a Macro that turns on the spa, lighting and water features, all with one press of a single button. (Not available with IntelliTouch model i5 or i5S).

Feature Circuits provide extra control for valve actuators and more.

There are six IntelliTouch models in all, which cover thre pool/spa configurations

Pool/spa combinations with shared filtration system - Pool owners can enjoy the convenience of motorized pool/spa swithching valves, along with a myriad of other control possibilities, all displayed on a high-resolution liquid crystal grapich display. There are three models to choose from - models i5, i7+3 and i9+3 What's more, all IntelliTouch systems are available as MobileTouch, a fully wireless radio-remote controlled version of IntelliTouch. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, MobileTouch is truly mobile, and perfect for remodels and retrofits. It's even possible to have both - IntelliTouch indoors, mounted on the wall, and MobileTouch, wireless, for venturing out into the backyard.

Pool Only or Spa Only Applications - The new IntelliTouch i5S and i9+3S is teamed up with SAm, SAL, and/or FIBERworks lighting, pool owners can experience a world of lighting animationpossibilities. Features like Swimming Colors sequences colors so that as they change they appear to swim through the water, pouring into one another. Color Set provides desired stationary colors at the touch of a button. Imagine ared, white and blue pool for Independece Day or green and red for Christmas. These two new IntelliTouch Systems are perfect for custom spa applications. Add to this the new iS10 Spa-side remote, and spa owners have the absolute ultimate in automation, with up to ten circuits for operating pumps and lighting, plus temperature display and control.

Pool & Spa With Dual Equipment - The new Intellitouch i10+3D system provides advanced automation for a pool and spa with two separtate sets of equipment. Packed with all the essential features described above, this new IntelliTouch controls a whopping ten pum and/or lighting circuits, two heaters, and still has "Feature Circuits" available to operate up to five valve actuators for water falls and fountains, just to name a few. And yes, there is a MobileTouch version of this system for high-end wireless automation.

Ordering a System - To make up a comple IntelliTouch system, Two part numbers need to ordered:

Part 1 - Load Center - The Load Center, p/n 520136 is the foundation of all systems. It is the electrical panel that is installed at the equipment pad. By desigh, Load Centers do not include the control pandel and circuit boards, which are installed in the field by the electrician. All Load Centers include five 3 HP relays and a 115v/230v circuit breaker base.

Part 2 - Personality Kit - The second product that needs to be ordered to complete a system is a Personlity Kit. The Personality Kit is what distinguishes the system. For example, to the i9+3 system, an order would need to include the Personality Kit p/n 520134 and Load Center p/n 520136 The Personality Kit contains the Outdoor Low-Voltage Control Panel, Indoor Control Panel (in the case of a hard-wired system), Valve Actuators (where applicable), Temperature Sensors and any 3 HP Relays that may be needed to complete the system.

Expansion Kits - Two new IntelliTouch Expansion Kits, models i5X and i10X , offer either five or ten additional Auxilary Circuits for systems i9+3, i9+3S and i10+3D. Each Expansion Kit requires a Load Center, p/n 520136. Up to three Expansion Kits may be combined for enlargin the above IntelliTouch systems to up 38 Auxiliary Circuits.

MobileTouch Wireless Remote Acessory - With the MobileTouch Wireless Remote Acessory, any IntelliTouch wired System can also have a wireless remote. Pool owners have system-control anywhere around the home or yard. Installation is simple, and requires no high voltage wiring.

10-Function Spa-side Remote - The all-new iS10 adds the ultimate in spa-side luxury, with features like temperature display, temperature control, and up to ten control circuits. Each unit includes faceplates for surface mounting or recessed-mounting. For recessed mounting, a mud boxi is also available, which even includes a temporary cover to keep out the concrete and gunite during construction. Optional colored faceplate kits are available in gray, black and tan.