By Pentair Pool Products



Model # 701000230

Manufacturer Code AK600PS-D1

Product Description

The AK600 ™ is the most advanced multiple pool controller available, providing the ultimate in equipment room automation. Up to 16 output relay combinations, configurable for 6 types of control. The AK600 can be customized for any facility, with voltage-configurable control relays and bidirectional control, database information options accessible via direct link, dial-up, wireless modem and ethernet connectivity. With control of chemicals, pumps, filters, heaters, air handlers, chloramine reduction systems and the ability to interface with building management systems for up to 3 bodies of water, the AK600 completes an aquatic facility.


  • AcuCom ™ Software
  • Multiple pool control for 1, 2, or 3 pool configurations
  • Programmable pH, ORP, and temperature set points
  • Programmable proportional feed for precise chemical feed
  • Programmable acid, CO2, or base feed for pH control
  • Relay configuration shortcuts with Acu-Trol ® Wizards
  • Auto backwash filters for up to 2 bodies of water
  • Flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves, inlet strainer, and sampling port
  • 16 relays with three (3) voltage configurations
  • Sensors
    The AK600™ sensors are capable of measuring ORP, pH,
    free chlorine, conductivity, temperature, flow rate and
  • Flow Cell
    The AK1200™ offers inlet and outlet valves for
    sensor protection and third outlet for ease of water
  • Relays
    Customized relay control for up to 96 combinations
  • Colorimetric Compatible
    Compatible with the AKColor™ Colorimetric PPM
    sensing measurement system for free and total chlorine
  • Readings
    The AK600 displays the Puckorius, Langelier or Ryzner
    indexes and differential influent and effluent pressure
  • Data Recording
    In the absence of power, the AK600 will retain
    programming information, calibration, and recorded data
  • Alarms
    Alarms are activated by sensor measurements and will
    communicate at two hour until alarm is cleared
  • Communication
    The AK600 communicates using the AcuCom™
    and AcuManage II™. Software packages provides
    wireless communication with modem modules.
  • Security
    Password protected allows limited access


  • AcuManage II™ Website
    Notification alarms and sensor readings
    AcuManage II available via wireless or AcuPort™
    communication only
  • AcuPort™ Connectivity
    Ethernet, WiFi or RS422/485
  • Input/Output Modules
    AK245™ Quad 4-20mA/O-5VDC output
    AK250™ Quad 4-20mA/0-5VDC input
  • Acu-Trol® Absorb It™
    Controls the Acu-Trol’s Absorb It system for the
    use of CO2 for optimal pH and alkalinity control
  • AKColor™ Sensor
    The AKColor colorimetric sensor system measures PPM
    of free chlorine with the DPD (N, N-DIETHYL-P-PHE
  • Influent/Effluent Pressure Sensor
    Pressure information for control of an automatic
  • Optical Level Sensor
    Measurement and automatic control of water level
  • Digital Flow Sensor
    Displays flow rate in gallons per minute
  • Conductivity Sensor
    Measurement of water TDS
  • Premounting
    Mounted on easy to install polypropylene predrilled board
  • Serial Printer
    On site printer capability with separate module


  • pH, ORP and temperature set point
  • ORP calibration
  • ORP super-chlorination
  • PPM control
  • Temperature calibration
  • Proportional feed
  • Feeder ON and OFF times
  • Mix times and cycle times
  • Overfeed lock out times
  • Acid/Base feed pH control
  • Auto backwash filter settings
  • Water level
  • Auto probe clean
  • 16 pager numbers
  • 7 passwords
  • pH Alarms, pH set point ± percentages, Overfeed disables pH feed, Flow switch disables pH feed, High pH disables feed
  • ORP Alarms, ORP set point ± percentages, Overfeed disables, Disinfectant feed, Flow switch disables feed

Product Specifications

ORP Reading:
0 to 999 mV
pH Reading:
4.22 to 9.70
Free Chlorine Reading:
0 to 9.99 PPM
0 to 9999 µS
Temperature Reading:
32 to 212 °F
Flow Switch:
Flow Rating:
0 to 36166 GPM
Pressure Reading:
0 to 100 PSI
Free Chlorine Inputs:
Flow Switch Inputs:
Flow Rating Inputs:
ORP Inputs:
pH Inputs:
Conductivity Inputs:
Temperature Inputs:
Pressure Inputs: