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Model # FFMJ

Alternate Part #'s PVFFMJ

Product Description

The Polaris MiniJet™ (FFMJ) is designed to fit into a 3" x 3" tile space, mounted on the pool wall, raised beam or set into a deck. The MiniJet for vinyl liner pools (FFMJ-VL) is designed to mount in a vinyl liner pool wall at, or slightly above the water level. Its housing cover is available in 7 colors to match the most popular vinyl liners available. Each brass nozzle MiniJet adjusts to project a stream of water at a 45-degree angle of trajectory for a distance of up to 13 feet. FEATURES

  • Versatile, low cost water effect
  • Easy to install
  • Jet adjustable to 45-degree angle
  • Low water flow requirement
  • Easy access to jet for adjusting arc of water
  • Jet is removable and replaceable
  • Drain hole in housing cover eliminates standing water
  • Mounting flange also acts as a water stop


  • Brass nozzle projects a stream of water up to 13 ft. across a pool
  • Set pairs of opposing water streams to form arches meeting in the center of a pool
  • Create a blossom feature with multiple MiniJets adjusted to converge in a round spa
  • Project water from a sculpted wall feature

Performance Data:

Height of Jet spray @ 2.1 GPM = 3.3'
Height of Jet spray @ 3.0 GPM = 6.6'
Height of Jet spray @ 3.7 GPM = 9.8'
Height of Jet spray @ 4.4 GPM = 13.1'

Click Here for Polaris Mini Jet Data Sheet
Click Here for Polaris Mini Jet Installation Guide
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?     Asked on 7/18/2017by Darrell

What are the 7 colors available for the Polaris mini jet? Couldn't find them in the web page. Thanks

A  Answered on 7/18/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

Darrell, Zodiac offers the following colors: white, dove gray, beige, black, brass, light gray, green and beige/brown marble. Please note that these colors are for the cover plates (sold separately) not the mini jets themselves. 

?     Asked on 6/29/2016by Inyo Visitor

My gunite pool is 12 years old. Looking for a water feature like a simple waterfall or stream to add a nice sound to pool area. DO you recommend the mini jets or something else? Can the mini jet be added or must it be installed during construction?

A  Answered on 7/4/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Most water feature like this requires construction for installation, click link >Floating Pool Fountains for the list of available water features that can be installed without major construction.

?     Asked on 6/3/2016by Jason

What is the difference between the mini jet for vinyl pools and the mini jet for gunite pools?

A  Answered on 6/9/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Jason, The Mini Jet for Vinyl requires gasket for installation and the Mini Jet for Gunite does not.

?     Asked on 6/7/2015by Chris

Do you carry the 3" x 3" plastic jet cover?

A  Answered on 6/7/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Chris, yes we do carry The Polaris MiniJet 3 x 3 Cover Plate here.

?     Asked on 3/5/2015by Inyo Visitor

Can the FFMJ jets be used in a commercial application and set to where children (and adults) cannot tamper with or remove parts and harm themselves (or jet)?

A  Answered on 3/6/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

All of our equipment is subject to interference or damage which may be caused by tampering or misuse. The Mini Jets do not have any sort of lock to prevent someone from accessing the jet to maintain it.

?     Asked on 10/10/2014by Guest

Is there a brass fountain cover available for the minijet?

A  Answered on 10/10/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes there is, here is a link to the brass cover for the Polaris MiniJet.

?     Asked on 8/30/2013by Guest

How large is the Polaris mini jet?

A  Answered on 8/30/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The FFMJ mini jet is designed to fit into a 3"x3" tile space.

?     Asked on 10/3/2006by Guest

How many jets are in this package?

A  Answered on 10/3/2006 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

This package contains one jet.

?     Asked on 6/7/2006by Guest

Want to install these in the soon to be constructed concrete skirt/deck (horizontal installation) that will surround our inground pool. Does this item come with a mounting box that can be placed into the forms prior to pouring the concrete?

A  Answered on 6/7/2006 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes the FFMJ comes with 8 different parts including the jet, cover plate, and a jet housing that is designed to fit in a 3' x 3' tile space


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