By S.R. Smith




Product Description

The Cascade Low Profile FunSlide is intended for use where lower perimeter walls or the presence of smaller children suggest the installation of a lower height pool slide. This unit is deck mounted for moderate to heavy-duty use on in-ground residential pools  in most geographic regions. S.R. SMITH FunSlides have been tested by outside independent agencies and have been found to conform to the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

With the 4.5-Foot (54-inch/1.37m) Cascade Low Profile Swimming Pool Slide the lack of privacy resulting from low perimeter walls is no longer a barrier to the installation and use of a pool slide. In addition, and with its lower ladder and runway height, high-walled runway and extreme stability, The Cascade provides a fast and thrilling ride while still providing smaller children and their parents with a sense of security and safety which are the hallmarks of all S.R.SMITH products. The Cascade is available in both right and left curves. Both the runway and the ladder of The Cascade are of thick and durable vacuum-formed acrylic. The undersides of the runway and ladder are reinforced by a thick matching color acrylic  to match and complement the acrylic surface of the runway and ladder. The design of the acrylic ladder provides a very deep and stable footing which is supplemented by a black appliqué safety tread on each step. As with the other FunSlide, and because of consistencies in design, material and manufacturing process, The Cascade Swimming Pool Slide will maintain its CPSC compliant shape for years. The high volume water system of The Cascade Swimming Pool Slide provides a constant and substantial water flow from the top of the runway. The ¾" (.75"/19mm) hose connection of the water system is intended to attach to a typical (U.S.) outdoor faucet. The system can be connected to the pool circulation system provided (1) water flow is both constant, (2) pressure is similar to that of the household system. and (3) connections are made such that clogging of the water system and return of unfiltered water to the pool does not occur. The legs of The Cascade FunSlide are of polished, 1.9" (48.26mm) Outer Diameter (OD), 304 stainless steel with handrails of polished, 1" (25.4mm) OD, 316 stainless steel.  The Cascade FunSlide is suitable for use in those geographic areas requiring the additional protection of a very high grade of stainless steel because of local environmental considerations. The CascadeSwimming Pool Slide is erected using the provided deck anchors. The fiberglass ladder attaches to the runway at a 15° angle to provide slide stability as well as a safe and comfortable means of mounting the slide. The handrails of The Cascade Swimming Pool Slides are shaped and formed to provide a secure grab point for both mounting the slide and while entering the runway.  Surface-mount deck anchors are included. Insure that orders for The Cascade Swimming Pool Slide indicate the proper part number to insure receipt of desired left/right curve.

  • 3 year warranty
  • 250 lb weight limit

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