By S.R. Smith



Model # 66209270

Alternate Part #'s 66209270S21

Product Description

The Fibre-Dive Board is intended for light to moderate duty use on residential pools. There are no unusual climatic restrictions for this board's use.



The Fibre-Dive Board has a durable acrylic outer body (skin), a non-slip, sanded tread and is pre-drilled with two holes  for ease in installation. With hand-laid fiberglass and resin roving over twin laminated wood runners acting as the board's skeletal frame, the Fibre-Dive Board will provide years of fun and safety on residential pools. The unit is available in (nominal) lengths of 6-feet (1.83m), 8-feet (2.44m) and 10-feet (3.05m). In addition, the unit is available in a (nominal) length of 12-feet (3.66m) but featuring the solid (rather than twin) laminated wood runner of the Frontier series as well as a gel-kote surface. To permit dealer flexibility in marketing, the same 12-foot unit is available under either the Fibre-Dive name (PN: 66-209-272) or the Frontier III name (PN: 66-209-602). Refer to the Board Selection Chart for actual board dimensions.


  • 3 year warranty 
  • 250 lb weight limit

Product Specifications

10 ft.
Includes Base: