By Brumgee



Model # PBR301

Product Description

Patented bristles are designed to be durable yet gentle. This brush will not scratch vinyl or fiberglass yet scrubs decks and aggregates!


  • Conveniently clean everything inside, outside & around the pool, spa or patio!
  • Wash the scum line
  • Wipe away algae
  • Wash the swimming pool spa or deck
  • Sweep fallen leaves
  • Wash the pool or spa cover
  • Wash & wipe the patio furniture
  • Squeegee spilled water
  • Wash & wipe the windows
  • Wash & scrub the sauna
  • All with just one innovative product!
  • Proven in australia for over 5 years!
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Chemical & UV resistant
  • Long-lasting

The BR301 is 14" wide & is also equipped with our quality anodized aluminum handle/adapter that slides into the standard pool tele-pole. Use it by hand, or click it on, & sweep, wipe, wash, scrub & squeegee everything in & around the pool, spa, or patio!

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