Burner Tray W/burners 405 (005216f)



Part # 6234-01D

By Raypak

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Part # 6234-01D

Manufacturer Code 005216F

Alternate Part #'s 005216F, RAY1511527, 47-197-1773

Product Description

Burner Tray W/burners 405 (005216f)


?     Asked on 11/19/2019by ryan

I have a Rheem GBCP-0399. Rheem tells me the burner assembly is part number 005216F. Your item's photo looks similar but not identical. do you know if your item will fit and work?

A  Answered on 11/19/2019 by Industry Professional

Yes, it is correct & is the same item.


Est. Repair Time

More than 8 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Socket Set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench, pipe wrench, large adjustable wrench

Burner Tray on Leslie's Coppertherm L-400 (Product is a Raypak made 399 BTU pool heater) propane pool heater falling apart

Written on 6/10/2022 by Guest

1. Checkout your pool heater - make, model number, etc. Purchase parts needed. In this case, I purchased the burner tray, pilot kit (includes the pilot and MV generator), pilot gas tub, and pilot mounting bracket. What you need to buy varies. P.S. - check you pool heater condition - if in really bad condition, don't even try doing this as it may be cheaper to just buy a new pool heater. The exterior of the pool heater can be deceptively good looking compared to the inside of the heater that may be rusted out and collapsing.

2. Shut gas off.
3. Take pictures for reference when putting everything back together.
4. Disconnect gas line into gas valve.
5. Disconnect all wires and pilot gas tube from gas valve.
6. Remove old burner tray from pool heater.
7. Remove gas valve and put on new burner tray.
8. Put new burner tray into the pool heater.
9. Assemble pilot assembly and MV generator.
10. Connect new pilot gas tube to pilot. Pilot gas tube should not be connected to gas valve yet.
10. Attach pilot assembly to pilot bracket and attach to burner tray.
11. Connect gas line to gas value (gas should still be turned off).
12. Reconnect wires (follow pictures that you took at the start of this process).
13. Connect pilot gas tube to gas valve.
14. Check all connections - wires, gas tubes, gas pipe, etc. are connected correctly.
15. As working with gas, make sure there are no open flames or anything around when you turn gas back on.
16. Turn gas on and test for leaks. You can test with thick soapy water to check for bubbles. If bubbles or you smell gas, get a professional to help.
17. If no leaks, light pilot. Pilot should stay on if wires are connected correctly.
18. Keep front heater door off when testing heater! When you turn the heater on to test, the front door should be off, you should keep your body and your face away from the front of the heater. If you must look, use an automotive type viewing mirror on a telescopic pole to look for pilot light. You don't want to be in front of the heater if it takes a while to light and the gas goes boom!
19. Once tested, you should be good.

* If you are not handy, this is a hard job - get a professional. If heater very old, get a professional to replace the pool heater.

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