By Maytronics



Part # 3295-421

Manufacturer Code 9995820

Dimensions 51" X 1/2"

Alternate Part #'s 9995820, MAY9995820

Product Description

Package of five  4' Cable, with partial Swivel, 2 wires with NO plug. A retrofit kit must be purchased separately to attach an ASSY motor plug.

This short 4’ cable replaces the cable section between the motor and part of the Swivel. The Swivel comes apart to accept the replacement so the original cable must have a Swivel to use this short cable. These short cables are generally sold with two motor plug designs, ASSY and DIY as described below.

Maytronics Robotic Cables are currently designated as Assembly (ASSY) or DIY (Do It Yourself) depending on the design of the plug on the motor end of the cable. For most of the older Robotic models, the cord was installed through the small hole in the SIDE panel of the cleaner. The opening on the side was too small for the cord to go through with the plug on the end, so the wires needed to be threaded through the opening first and then attached to a plug using a Retrofit Kit before being connected to the motor. These cables with “assembled” plugs are designated as “ASSY” at the end of the cable’s manufacturing code.

To improve the plug design, Maytronics created a molded plug that is permanently attached to the motor end of the cable. Instead of coming through the small hole in the side, the cable enters through the TOP of the cleaner and is simply plugged into the top of the motor. Because this cable design is much simpler to install, it is designated as “DIY” for Do It Yourself at the end of the cable’s manufacturing code.

For more information on these cables descriptions, see our guide on “How to Select the Right Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner Replacement Cable”.


?     Asked on 8/12/2019by John

I have a nautilus plus cleaner and the short cable is broken. I saw on your website 9995820 (PART # 3295-421) but is not available. Can I replace this with the 9995791? Or when will the part 9995820 available?

A  Answered on 8/14/2019 by Industry Professional

The 9995820 can be special ordered with a lead time of 2-3 weeks.