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Part # 25280-300-000

Alternate Part #'s 25280-300-000, 25280300000, _25280-300-000, CMP25280300000

Product Description

POWERclean ULTRA Off-Line Chlorinator

  • Designed to treat pools from 5,000 - 50,000 gallons
  • Holds (12) 3” Tablets or 5lbs. of 1” Tablets
  • Installs easily onto existing equipment sets
  • Larger hose than comparable brands
  • Comes with two mounting brackets and tubing as well as 3/4” fittings for hard plumbing.

Product Specifications

Large Tab Capacity:
Small Tablet Capacity:
5 Lbs.
Treatment Capacity:
5,000-50,000 gal.

?     Asked on 1/30/2012by Guest

What is the difference between an inline and offline chlorinator?

A  Answered on 1/30/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

An inline chlorinator would be plumbed directly inline with the plumbing.  For an existing pool, this would mean a section of pipe would need to be cut out to install the chlorinator.  An offline chlorinator attaches to existing plumbing by chlorinator tubing (holes would be drilled into existing pipe to attach the tubing.)

?     Asked on 2/28/2013by Guest

Can the Powerclean Ultra chlorinator be used on a home water purification system?

A  Answered on 2/28/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

I wouldn't recommend using the Powerclean Ultra chlorinator on any system that has pressure above 35 psi.

?     Asked on 9/2/2015by Carolyn Williams

How much larger are the hoses than th Rainbow 300C

A  Answered on 9/7/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Carolyn, The POWERclean Ultra Off-Line Chlorinator hoses are 1/4" larger than the Rainbow 300C Chlorinator.

?     Asked on 4/2/2016by David

The control valve has indicators of 0, .5 and 1. What is the correlation to how much chlorine is sent to the pool?

A  Answered on 4/4/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

The most standard way to use the usual 99 percent trichlor tablet is based off of the 1 tablet per 5 thousand gallon ratio. As long as you follow that standard then you can have the chlorinator at max output which in this case is 5.

?     Asked on 4/8/2016by Bob

Does this unit use the same size tubing and fittings as the Hayward CL220 which is what I have now but am not happy with?

A  Answered on 4/8/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alan M.

Hi Bob, The POWERclean Ultra Off-Line Chlorinator uses larger hose than comparable brands like the HaywardCL220. The Chlorinator hoses are 1/4" larger.


Est. Repair Time

Less than 1 hr

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Drill


Written on 3/25/2019 by Guest

1) Place unit on pad near the pump for permanent location
2) Mark where 4 holes are to be drilled into concrete pad
3) Use concrete drill bit size appropriate for the concrete screws you use
4) After drilling holes, place base over holes making sure that it is facing in the proper direction to allow the chlorinator to flow properly
5) Locate where you are to attach the lines into your existing plumbing.
6) Using a 3/4" drill, drill the respective holes, making sure that you clear all the debris away from hole and any that fell inside the pipe.
7) Attach the heavy duty clamps provided. I used the additional clamp adapters so that it would fit over the smaller pipe.
8) Attach the lines as instructed, making sure that you don't overtighten anything.
9) As a final note, make sure that the cap on the chlorinator has enough clearance from your pipes, that you can unscrew it without having to take everything apart. I made the mistake, not accounting for the little "wings" that were on the cap. I ended up having to relocate the chlorinator so that I would have proper clearance.
10) It works great, with no leaks!

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