Waterway ProClean Plus Single Filter Cartridge System, 200 sq. ft. - PCCF-200



Part # 4744-105

By Waterway



Part # 4744-105

Manufacturer Code PCCF-200

Alternate Part #'s PCCF-200, PCCF200, _PCCF-200, WWPCCF200, WWPPCCF-200

Product Description

ProClean Plus Single Cartridge

Designed for in-ground installations, the ProClean Plus Cartridge Filter has a raised inlet and clean easy plumbing from the pump. Molded of ABS thermoplastic, the ProClean Plus Cartridge Filter will provide years of dependable service.

The Waterway ProClean cartridge filter model PCCF-200 is comparable to filter models:

  • Pentair Clean and Clear and RP cartridge filter models CC200 & CCRP200
  • Sta-Rite Posi-Clear RP 200 Cartridge Filter model PXCRP200
  • Hayward Star-Clear 175 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter model C1750 & W3C17502


  • NSF Listed
  • 2″ FPT inlet and outlet for more flow
  • Raised inlet for clean easy plumbing
  • Waterway’s Safety Lock Ring System for fast, easy access to filter internals
  • Lid lock-ring handle makes removing the lid easy
  • Internal design allows for more dirt holding capacity and longer cleaning cycles
  • Drain plug is 1″

Easy access in-ground cartridge internals

Raised 18″ Inlet for clean 90° plumbing from pump

Lock-Ring has handles for easy removal of lid

Product Specifications

Filtration Area:
200 sq. ft.
Plumbing Size:
2 in.
Turnover 8 Hrs.:
60,000 gal.
Flow Rating:
125 GPM

?     Asked on 6/1/2021by Robert Kraft

Does it have a pressure gauge to tell you when it needs cleaning?

A  Answered on 6/1/2021 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes a pressure gauge is included.

?     Asked on 1/2/2021by Josh

I have a 20,000 gallon inground pool with pool heater. I also have a 2.5 variable speed pump, I want a filter big enough to handle being run at a low speed and not clogging, I have found that the pool heater is much more efficient as well as the pump if its set to run at low RPM all the time. I want something big enough to run for a couple months without needing cleaning. would this be sufficient?

A  Answered on 1/18/2021 by InyoPools Product Specialist Megan C.

The four cartridge systems are designed to have less maintenance than single cartridge filters. The Crystal Water 325 sqft Pool Cartridge Filter - 570-0325-07 filters 57,600 gallons in 8-hours and offers flow rates up to 150GPM provided by the pump. When the filter raises by 10-PSI from the starting it is time to open and clean the filters. The use of Filter Cleaner and Filter Flosser are recommended for cleaning. 

?     Asked on 8/27/2020by John

I have a 30,000 gallon pool, 2 skimmers, 2 drains and 4 returns. I am not 100% sure on the surface area. will this filter work? what pump should i use with this filter? I am looking to redo my entire pump and filters. so I have a green field on what I do here. I am moving from a sand filter to a cartridge. is this a good move?

A  Answered on 8/28/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, John. This is a great move from a sand filter. However, for sizing a new pump, I will need to know the existing model and or the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of your pool.   

?     Asked on 4/20/2020by john Gentile

My pool is roughly 20' x 40' with 8' deep end and 3 to 4' shallow end. I just purchased this house the pool has a DE filter 24 sq.ft. which I believe is undersized. I am thinking about switching to Cartridge filter system, Would the proClean 200 sq.ft work? Thanks, John

A  Answered on 12/22/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi John, on average, yes this filter is suitable to replace the common 24 sq. ft. D.E. filters however here is a guide that we put together called "How To Size a Pool Filter" that may also assist. 

?     Asked on 3/16/2020by Jim

Will this filter be adequate enough for a 29x14x6x4 inground pool with 1-skimmer, 1-main drain & 2 returns?

A  Answered on 3/16/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Jim, This Waterway ProClean Plus 200 would be an ideal filter for the pool you have described. This filter would be our recommendation.


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