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Warranty 3 Year

Product Description


Aquabot Aquamax Bi-Turbo

The Aquamax BiTurbo is for medium sized commercial pools with frequent bathers and/or a heavy bather load! Moving at the same speed as most other Aquamaxes, the BiTurbo outperforms all the others in vacuuming coverage!For pool lengths up to 75 feet long.

Product Specifications:

  • For Commerical In-Ground Pool
  • Standard remote
  • Quantity of Water Filtered = 9800 gallons per Hour
  • Cleaning Coverage = 7500Sq. ft / hr.
  • Electrical Cord Length = 120 ft.
  • 140 watts
  • Electrical Plug: US
  • Filtration/Micron Rating = Self Contained - 2 Microns

Standard Features Include:

  • No installation required
  • Built-in filtration system
  • Removes algae and bacteria
  • Cleans any size, shape, or type of pool
  • Fully automatic - requires no supervision
  • Pre-programmed for efficient and thorough cleaning of your pool
  • Climbs and cleans pool sidewalls
  • Vacuums up all types of debris
  • Scrubs hard to remove dirt
  • Operates on only 24 volts
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Re-usable filter bag
  • Walks up and scrubs most pool steps
  • Full one(1) year warranty

Also Includes:

  • REMOTE CONTROL: Remote control enables the operator to divert the pool cleaner from its pre-programmed cleaning path. This is particularly helpful when swimming pools require quick "spot clean-ups" or there is a build up of debris in one area of the pool. Remote control is available on AquaMax Junior Series and AquaMax BiTurbo Series Cleaners, and is standard on all UltraMax units.
  • INFRARED: The Infrared feature makes the AquaMax or UltraMax an even more efficient bottom cleaner. The infrared sensor detects walls or other obstructions and causes the unit to change direction. This option is desirable in tiled pools. Infrared detection system is also available on AquaMax BiTurbo Series Cleaners.
  • THE "SOLO" OPTION: All AquaMax Pool cleaners can be ordered with the Solo Option which turns any AquaMax into an efficient bottom cleaning unit. A Solo equipped AquaMax with a single (solo) piston changes direction 90 degrees for faster, more efficient cleaning of the pool floor. The Solo Option is available on all AquaMax Junior Series and AquaMax BiTurbo Series Cleaners.
  • "ZERO DEPTH" AIR SENSOR: The air sensor reverses an AquaMax or UltraMax cleaner when the unit is climbing out of the water while cleaning graded entry pools such as "beach-front" pools, pools with handicap ramps and "Wave" pools. The Air Sensor option can only be ordered on units with Infrared or Solo options.