AquaFlo Gecko Alliance FMHP Spa Pump 3/4HP 120V, 2SPD, - 021070001010



Part # 021070001010

By Aqua-Flo



Part # 021070001010

Dimensions 15.75" L x 6.5" W x 8.5" D

Alternate Part #'s 02007000-1010, 02007000-2010, 02007001-1010, 02007002-1310, 02007002-2310, 02007002-3310, 02007010-2010, 02007101-2080, 02007107-1000, 02007107-2000, 02007147-1010, 02007147-2010, 02007164-2010, 02007281-1000, 02007281-2000, 02007282-1000, 02007616-1000, 02007860-1000, 02007860-1010, 02007860-2000, 02007905-7010, 02007905-7110, 02107000-1000, 02107000-1010, 021070001010, 02107001-1310, 02107001-1340, 02107002-1310, 02107111-1000, 02107111-1010, 02107111-1300, 02107111-1310, 02107208-1000, 02107520-1010, 02107630-1010, 02107721-1010, 02107721-1100, 02107722-1010, 02107862-1010, 02107865-1010, 03007107-1080, 03007107-2080, 03007281-1000, 03007281-2000, 03007855-1010, AF021070001010, 34-402-5000, AQF-10-396

Product Description

Aqua-Flo by Gecko's Flo-Master HP pumps are designed with a unique, high-performance impeller providing flow rates that exceed all tested competition. Ideal for larger, multi-jetted tubs or similar applications requiring greater output. Each pump is engineered with careful attention to detail and accuracy.

Spa Pump Features:

  • Long life shaft seal
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Reinforced engineered plastic construction
  • Adapts to hair and lint traps for self priming aplications
  • Stainless steel volute fasteners
  • Available in one or two speed models of 0.5hp, 0.75hp, 1.0hp, 1.5hp, or 2.0hp (SEE THE AVAILABLE STYLES TAB)

  • California Title 20 Compliant
Manufacturer AquaFlo/Gecko
Pump Model FMHP
Speed 2 Speed (2-Spd)
Motor Voltage 115v
Drain Plug Location 6,9 o`clock
Suction Style Center
Suction Connection Type Female Pipe Thread (fpt), Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Suction Pipe Size 1-1/2"
Discharge Style Side
Discharge Connection Type Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Discharge Pipe Size 1-1/2"
Horsepower 0.75hp
Motor Frame 48 Frame Thru-Bolt
Motor Amperage/Wattage 9.5A/3.2A

In 2012, the manufacturer changed the way Aquaflo pumps are rated. These pumps are now assigned both an operational horsepower (ohp), and a total horsepower (thp) rating. Previous versions of these pumps used only the operational horsepower. If you are replacing an older Aquaflo pump, be sure to match the operational hp rating rather than the total hp.

**Warning - OEM pump manufacturers may change motors and styles without notice. Pumps may be with or without a run capacitor.**

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Product Specifications

Pump Model:
Flo-Master FMHP
3/4 HP
1725/3450 RPM
115 V
48 Thru-Bolt
Discharge Port:
1-1/2 in.
Intake Port:
1-1/2 in.
Discharge Location:
Plumbing Port Type:
Female Pipe Thread (fpt)/Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Union Connectors:
Impeller # :
Volute/Sealplate #92770501

?     Asked on 2/8/2018by Allen Veasman

I'm not familiar with the term compression fittings except on copper pipe. That looks like that is similar to a half union where the plastic pipe is glued and the nut tightens an O ring for seal. How are the speeds changed?

A  Answered on 2/8/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Allen. Compression fittings are referred to as half unions. The speed in changed by an external controller and or a toggle switch which is sold separately. 

?     Asked on 10/27/2015by Roger

I also noticed the motor pump I have doesnt have the electric junction box on the top as this one. Mine has a model 53B American Aqua heat system mounted on top?

A  Answered on 10/28/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Roger, The American Aqua Heat System 53B is an accessory that can be retrofitted onto almost any spa or bath pump wet end to absorbs the heat energy generated by the pump/motor and redistributes it back into the water.

?     Asked on 12/30/2014by Ed

Can you use this pump as a one speed and what rpms are the speeds?

A  Answered on 12/30/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

Hello Ed - You can run this pump on one speed. The rpm's on high are 3450 and 1725 on low.

?     Asked on 12/19/2014by Inyo Visitor

How many rpms is the pump ,and can the motor be changed to 1 speed instead of two speeds

A  Answered on 12/19/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

This motor is a dual speed motor, so it runs at 3450 (HIgh Speed) and 1750 (low speed). There is not way to switch this motor to be single speed, it will still have the option to run at both speeds. But you could simply run it at high speed all the time and never switch it to low speed.


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