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Model # 03560

Alternate Part #'s 20315, NAT03560

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry Clear 5 Gallon - The Natural Clarifier

PLEASE NOTE:  Clear 4 in 1 is now Pro Series Natural Clarifier

Clear is a chitosan based clarifier made from recycled crab shells. It is easily applied to your pool to quickly clear cloudy water. It is compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces.


  • Highly concentrated natural formula
  • Impossible to overdose
  • Does not raise filter pressure
  • Very effective with high sanitizer levels
  • Non-toxic and will not harm the environment


  • Standard Dosage Rate: (no premixing required) 1oz (30mL) per 7,000 gallons (26,500L)
  • Cloudy Water Dosage Rate: (no premixing required) 1oz (30mL) per 5,000 gallons (19,000L)

How to Apply:

  1. Apply Clear at recommended dosage rate per gallons of pool water across pool water surface- concentrating on deep water areas
  2. Using flip squirt cap, apply Clear directly to surface until you reach suggested amount of ounces per gallons of water- (see side of bottle for measurement marks)
  3. Run filter system continually for at least six hours after application


Weekly Maintenance: To enhance pool water clarity and appearance, treat with Clear once a week at the standard dosage rate For home pools that get heavy use or for commercial pools, treat pool twice a week at the cloudy water dosage

Features & Benefits:

  • All natural chitosan based clarifier. Highest available concentration in the industry. Non-toxic and biodegradable Clears water quickly. CANNOT be overdosed

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