Warranty 2-Year manufacturer's warranty PLUS an additional 1-year limited warranty

Alternate Part #'s RURD-TRS0-TP670

Product Description

BWT Advanced Pro 600 Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner 

IMPECCABLE CLEANING: This robotic cleaner unites every advantage: one of the best filtration performances on the market, unbeatable suction power, exceptional agility over every surface, onboard intelligence, with robust, outstanding reliability. It is the first choice of professionals and discerning pool owners.

CONNECTED: The BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 model features a Bluetooth module. Using the BWT Best Water home app (available for download free of charge from the Apple store or Google Play store), control is at your fingertips! You can start and stop your BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 remotely, and navigate your pool cleaner to problem areas.

COMPACT, HYDRODYNAMIC AND ENERGY EFFICIENT: With its very low lines, very compact design, BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 easily maneuvers through tight spaces and navigates around return fittings and objects on the pool floor. Its hydrodynamic design reduces drag so less power is needed to drive it through the water. A real energy saver!

OPTIMIZED SCRUBBING ACTION: This robotic cleaner features 4 brushes made of a PVA specially formulated to be compatible with all pool surface finishes. Along with the additional vibrating PVC brush, they provide impeccable cleaning of your pool.

FAST, INTELLIGENT CLEANING: The BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 robotic cleaner moves quickly and cleans fast and features a smart navigation system. Comprised of a gyroscope and an algorithm, the navigation system scans and detects obstacles and then computes the cleaning path. The cleaning cycle is shorter and the entire surface to be cleaned is covered. The pool floor, walls, and water line are perfectly cleaned with a minimum number of passes and in record time.

CLEVER HANDLE DESIGN: The handle self-adjusts as the BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 climbs the pool wall, settling into a diagonal position to cause the robot to take an alternate route as it descends. Coverage of the walls is optimized and the cleaning time is reduced.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL POOLS: The BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 is compatible with pools of every shape and with any surface finish. The BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 navigates and cleans shallow slopes; should the robotic cleaner exit the water, it automatically detects this and returns into the pool.

CLEANS EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY: Pool floor, walls, and water line: the BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 cleans every surface of your pool.

BREEZER TECHNOLOGY & ULTIMATE POWER: BWT robotic pool cleaners are equipped with Breezer technology, an efficient and hardworking, yet easy-to-repair gear transmission system, paired with two drive motors and a powerful pump to collect debris. The BWT ADVANCED PRO 600 is one of the most reliable pool-cleaning robots on the market.

This is the Ultimate Power system, the ideal solution for fast, optimized travel, unrivaled reliability, and unmatched cleaning.


    • Low voltage power supply and power cord included.  
    • PERFECT for pools up to 50' long.
    • CLEANS Floor, Wall, and Waterline
    • Cleaning Cycle - 1 hour 30 minutes, 2 Hours, or 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Hyperfine Micron filter
    • Jupiter Power Supply included
    • PVC Brushes compatible with all pool surfaces
    • Dual Drive platform with Gyroscope system
    • Suction Flow - 88gpm
    • Included Cable Length - 60' with swivel
    • Handy carrying handle

Product Specifications

Cord Length:
With Swivel, 60 ft.
Pool Size:
Up to 50'
Pool Type:
2 Yrs + 1 Yr Limited
Filter Type:
Hyperfine Micron

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