By Speck Pumps



Model # 5880500505

Product Description

Accessory for Badu® EcoM3 Pool Pump

Badu® Eco Touch II

The Badu Eco Touch II unit is available for the more demanding applications. Operation of the remote controller can be programmed with the integrated timer. This ensures that the pump will run for long periods in accordance with your individual requirements. The Badu Eco Touch II unit has a user-friendly display which shows the time and the current setting.


  • Designed for both indoor or outdoor installation.
  • The controller can be mounted up to 500 feet away from the Badu EcoM3 pump.
  • The controller has the ability to hold multiple program settings for each speed.
  • Parts are made of 100% recyclable plastic. Noncorrosive, chemical/UV resistant.
  • Twelve (12) month warranty on all parts.
  • Every controller is performance tested before leaving the Speck factory.