By CAT Controllers, Inc.



Model # CAT-1000-PTC

Warranty 5 Year

Alternate Part #'s CAT1000PTC, HAYCAT-1000-PTC

Product Description


Residential builders have been asking for a pH-only system to protect the vulnerable pool surface and equipment during the critical curing process and provide added value, convenience and comfort for consumers using salt-chlorine systems. Here is your answer!  The CAT 1000 constantly monitors pH and implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand.  This proportional feed capability ensures precise pH maintenance without overfeeding.

Unlike other residential controls, the CAT 1000 is derived from the CAT 2000 series of microprocessor-based commercial water quality controllers and carries a full five-year limited warranty.  This is the same CAT technology that thousands of commercial pools, water parks, zoos and public water features count on daily to meet their stringent water quality requirements.

The CAT 1000 pH controller is shipped factory-assembled on a durable PVC backboard complete with flow cell, flow sensor, installation tubing kit, and CAT Professional Series pH sensor.  Add a pump/tank combo (for acid feed) or a CAT CO2 system for a complete pH automation solution.

Improve Pool Enjoyment
Most cases of red eyes and itchy skin are caused by poor pH maintenance. The CAT 1000 Continuously monitors and adjusts pH so the water is always ready for enjoyment. Chlorine is also more effective in keeping water safe when pH is optimally maintained.

Protect Your Investment
Maintaing proper pH protects the costly pool surface and equipment, extending service life while reducing repairs and warranty issues.

CAT Commercial Quality
Combine the CAT 1000 pH controller with a CAT CO2 system or pump/tank combo for a complete pH automation system

Consider The Advantages:

  • Digital, microprocessor-based design technology
  • Advanced Control Features including proportional feed
  • Weatherproof membrane switch front panel interface
  • Simple installation, setup and operation
  • Compatible with liquid acid and Co2 equipment
  • The perfect enhancement for salt-chlorine systems
  • Professional Series pH sensor with Teflon junction
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty and technical support