Part # PL5866

Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Dimensions 3" x 3"

Product Description


PureColors replacement LED pool & spa bulbs offer seven solid colors, and nine light shows that can instantly transform your pool area into a color-rich paradise. The PureColors bulb uses an Edison screw in base, so they install easily into your existing fixture in just minutes. Plus, LED technology makes them the most energy efficient and longest lasting bulb on the market.

What's the difference between the standard PureColors bulb and the PureColors v2 bulb?

  • The PureColors v2 uses a higher quality material for the bulb housing meaning longer bulb life.
  • The new housing design on the PureColors v2 means lower heat dispersion resulting in longer bulb life. 
  • Stronger base screw-in base


  • LED technology
  • 80% Operational Cost Savings
  • Standard screw in light base for quick & easy replacement
  • Synchronize multiple lights to operate in unison
  • 50,000 hours Lifespan
  • 2-year warranty


  • Hayward® Astrolite II Series
  • Pentair® SpaBrite Series


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Product Specifications

Color Changing
Light Switch
Pool / Spa Type:
12 V
5 W
1 yrs

?     Asked on 4/8/2020by Jeta Redzeposki

Can I use this bulb in my hot tub ? Right now the one we have is a 60watt , 120 volts 37-15-15 in there whatever that means ?


A  Answered on 4/9/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Jeta. Unfortunately, you can't. You can use P/N LPL-S2-RGB-120 if you have a compatible niche. 


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Adjustable Wrench

Replace old light bulb with color changing LED

Written on 11/12/2019 by Guest

After completing the pool light swap I figured this one would go much quicker for the spa since I was now familiar with the process. Grabbed my screwdriver and goggles and removed the fixture from the niche. Sat the fixture the pool deck and proceeded to remove the lens.

To my surprise I found a halogen bulb in the fixture and not a screw in bulb like my pool light fixture had used. So, I emailed customer support told them about my problem and they promptly told me that I needed to replace the entire light fixture (which I had already assumed), they did offer a discount on the fixture since it is part of a bundle (had I known that I needed both the fixture and the bulb).

I received the new fixture the next day and installed the bulb and the fixture without any issues. Thanks, Inyopools for the amazing customer service and expertise!

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Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Wrench Set, Hacksaw, swim goggles and snorkle

Replace spa light bulb with LED Pool Bulb v2 Color Changing 12V 35W

Written on 10/24/2019 by Guest

1. Turn off power to spa light by turning off circuit breaker.

2. Remove spa light by loosening phillips head screw on bezel, then pull out fixture and place it on a towel (or other soft surface) on the deck.

3. Dry fixture completely to keep moisture out, when opening. Loosen retaining ring and open fixture (see manufacturer's instructions for further detail).

4. Remove old lense seal and clean all surfaces. Replace lense seal with new one, Use seal lube.

5. Unscrew old bulb and screw in LED bulb.

6. Reassemble fixture. (At this point, I restored power and confirmed the bulb worked before proceeding.Just remember to turn power back off.)

7. Re-install fixture into housing. NOTE: Due to the smaller size of the spa housing, I found it helpful to shorten the retaining ring screw, using the hacksaw to cut it. I did this after the fixture was reassembled, which made it easier to get the fixture into the housing.

8. Secure fixture with the phillips screw through the bezel.

9. Turn on power and enjoy.

I have also replaced my pool lights, which was easier and didn't require that I shorten the retaining ring screw (since the housing is larger).

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