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Adding an above-ground pool is the quickest way to turn your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and fun family memories. Our DIY above ground swimming pool kits with equipment packs (including pool pump, filter, chlorinator, and other optional accessories) come in a wide range of sizes of round and oval pools. So no matter the size of the yard, we have a pool you’ll enjoy.

Steel Above Ground Pools are by far the most common type; their weather-coated, all-steel frame makes for a super sturdy and inexpensive option for your starter pool.

Resin Above Ground Pools, also called Salt-Friendly Pools, are made of super durable corrosion-proof high-impact resin, making them the top line of pool engineering. In addition, the versatility and strength of the Resin composite material mean these pools have more aesthetically pleasing top caps, top tails, and upright designs, providing a touch of class with your fun in the sun.

Hybrid Above Ground Pools have the best of both worlds by using a combination of steel and resin parts; The steel components make up the main structural integrity of the pool; while the resin components are used for structural points most susceptible to rust or corrosion. The hybrid pool provides the reliability of steel with the durability of high-impact resin.

Our above ground pool skid packs are specially curated for each pool size to ensure your pool equipment is at its best all season long. We also provide optional accessories add-ons like heaters, automatic cleaners, chemical start-up kits, brushes, telescopic poles, and more.

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