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Which pool cover is right for my pool? Good question, but I have to answer it with: What do you need from the cover? Do you need the cover to protect your pool from winter weather? Or, do you need a cover that will prevent animals or people from falling into your closed pool? Or, do you need a cover to help keep your pool warm? In this guide, we’ll explain the different types of pool covers, their purposes, plus their advantages and disadvantages.
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What are the absolute must-haves for winterizing your pool?

The most significant part of winterizing your pool is picking the right cover for your pool closing needs. Two types of covers are used for closing your pool: Winter Covers and Safety Covers.

Winter Covers

Pool Winter Covers are made of woven tarpaulin material and are available in solid and mesh styles. Winter covers are held in place by a ring of water tubes and an air pillow to keep the cover afloat at the pool's center.
Solid Winter Covers
Three warranty length options: 8-year (Denali,) 15-year (K2,) and 20-year (Everest)
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy To Install
  • No special tools are needed for installation
  • Requires cover pump and maintenance while installed

Mesh Winter Covers
8-Year Warranty
  • No standing water on the cover
  • Lightweight, easier to handle.
  • No special tools are needed for installation
  • Allows dirt and water runoff, making pool opening more rigorous

Safety Covers

Safety covers are the best for protecting your pool and preventing accidental entry. Safety covers are strong enough to prevent children, animals, and even adults from falling into the pool accidentally. Safety covers are anchored to your deck and held into place by spring-loaded support straps. This tension anchoring allows the cover to hold thousands of pounds.
Solid Safety Covers
18-Year Warranty
  • Prevents most dirt and water from entering the pool
  • Center mesh drain panel lowers the need for a cover pump
  • Makes spring start-up much easier
  • More expensive than mesh

Mesh Safety Covers
18-Year Warranty
  • Less Expensive than Solid Safety Covers
  • Lightweight, easier to move
  • Lasts longer than Solid Safety Covers
  • Requires more intensive spring start-up

Pool Chemistry

Preserve your pool water and keep your pool surfaces clean until the spring by using these chemicals before closing your pool. Try Our All-In-One Pool Closing Chemical Kits to have all you need

Winter Accessories

  • Water Tubes - Available in single or dual chamber design. Dual Air Pillows prevent cover slippage in case one chamber bursts.
  • Cover Pump - Remove standing water to protect your pool cover.
  • Leaf Net - prevents leaves from molting on cover over winter; should be removed after all leaves have fallen.

Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning your pool before you close makes for less work for spring startup.
  • Brushes - Pick your brush according to your pool surface: vinyl fiberglass, gunite.
  • Skim Nets - Scoops any floating debris.
  • Leaf Eater - Ideal for cleaning heavy leaf debris
  • Pool First Aid - Pool clarifier and enzyme cleaner.
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