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SR Smith Epoxy Kit


Please note that we do not accept returns on the SR Smith Epoxy Kits. 

Our Diving Board Epoxy Kits are ideal for installation of a diving board on existing pool decks. Most of Our customers use this product for either one of the two scenarios.First, if you have an older diving board which you are replacing and you cannot find a base to match the bolts which are sticking up out of your deck. In this scenario, you would purchase any new diving board and base combination that we offer. You would then purchase an epoxy kit and cut the existing bolts sticking up from your deck flush to your deck. Following this, you will use a core drill to drill a hole in your deck in the proper position to match your new base. After drilling the holes you would apply the epoxy to your bolts and place the bolts into the holes you have drilled. You will now have the appropriate bolts sticking up out of your deck and the new base would slide over the bolts, you would then use the hardware which comes with the base to attach the base to the bolts. Many of our customers also use this kit for existing pool decks which have never had a diving board installed. You would follow the same steps as outlined above for this scenario as well. Please note that we do not accept returns on the SR Smith Epoxy Kits.