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Pool Water Testing


Model # Item Price  
NP221 Pool Salt Test Strips $18.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
R151076 Chlorine and pH Test Kit $19.99 Description

Digital Salt Tester
Part # Item Price  
PL7113 Pool TDS Tester
Normally $41.99!
$24.99 Description

Model # Mfg Code Item Price  
NP217 541604 Aqua Chek 7-Way Select Test Strips $25.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Price  
9223-0 R151196 Bromine & pH Test Kit $28.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
195020 5 Way Test Kit $30.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Price  
4460-0 R151226 Cyanuric Acid Test Kit (Stabilizer)
Normally $34.99!
$31.99 Description

Part # Item Price  
K2005 Taylor Water Test Kit $62.99 Description

Part # Item Price  
K-2006 Taylor Water Test Kit FAS-DPD $78.99 Description

*NOTE: Chemical packaging may vary from images shown. We cannot guarantee type of packaging (i.e. bucket, bag or box).

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