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Pool Blaster Max

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The Pool Blaster Max is the world's first and only rechargeable, battery powered and self contained underwater super pool cleaner. Its state-of-the-art design is the first in pool cleaning technology to come along in over 40 years. The lightweight Pool Blaster is far more than a hand-held, spot-cleaner. It's a total pool cleaning system that's easy and affordable, making cleaning any pool, spa, hot tub or fountain a breeze. The Pool Blaster replaces the time-consuming process of setting up equipment and slowly vacuuming the pool, then having to undo everything and find a place to store those bulky, obsolete cleaning utensils and hoses. Unlike the Pool Blaster, many so-called automatic cleaners are maintenance-intensive, energy robbing and miss more areas of the pool than they clean.

Pool Blaster Max has the ability to be hand-held to clean difficult to reach portions of your pool or spa, such as steps hard and tight corners. By attaching the cleaner to any telescopic pole, you can quickly and easily reach areas like the floor in the deep end, walls, in and around ladders, corners and drains. Each and every form of pool debris is easy prey for the Pool Blaster; soggy leaves, pine needles, twigs, acorns, dirt, hair, and even sand, silt and algae are vacuumed into the micro-filter bag. You will no longer need or have use for any hoses, electrical cords, suction lines or booster pumps. There's nothing to install or assemble, just the peace of mind of an on-board, reusable and easy-to-clean all-purpose filter bag.

Pool Blaster Max cleaning system comes complete with the following:

  • Pool Blaster cleaner(1)
  • Spot-cleaning nozzle (1)
  • AC charger (1)
  • Reusable all-purpose filter bag (1)
  • Detachable brushes for vinyl lined pools (8)
  • Detachable wheels for concrete or gunite pools (5)
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery (1)
  • Built-in hanging notch for easy storage

POOL BLASTER MAX Specifications:
Charge Time: 6 hours
Operation Time: Up to 1 hour when fully charged
Power Source: 8.4 volt rechargeable battery / Auto cut-off charger
Cleaning Capacity: 40 - 50 gallons per minute
Filtration Media: Large reusable fine filter bag
Vacuum Head: 10.75" with interchangeable wheels or brushes

The remarkable "Pool Blaster Max" makes spot cleaning your pool a breeze. This powerful cleaner has its own internal Super Pump that quickly vacuums up dirt, sand, debris & even small rocks. All debris are caught in the cleaner's own reusable, easy to clean, extra-large capacity filtration bag. Pool Blaster Max doesn't require electrical cords or cumbersome hoses. Its powerful electric motor is rechargeable and completely safe. Pool Blaster will run up to 3 hours on a single charge! The unit is easily hand held for shallow area cleaning & attaches to a telepole for deeper areas of the pool. Super easy to handle and light- Pool Blaster weighs in at only 6 pounds! One-year warranty.

Now you can easily clean the grit and debris from your spa or small pool with the Aqua Broom™. This powerful cleaner uses battery power to provide up to 3 hours of cleaning time. All debris is vacuumed into the unit's own reusable, easy to clean filter bag. Aqua Broom™ is light weight (3 lbs) and can be hand held in the shallow areas or attached to a telepole for deeper parts of your spa or pool.

Put an end to the annoying grit that is hard to remove with Aqua Broom™. One-Year Warranty. Requires 5 - D Batteries, not included.

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