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Solar Saddle


Solar Saddle

Solar Cover Holder and Management System (Set of 5)

The First, Easy Handling and Storage System

You can now Easily handle and store your solar cover. Your Solar Cover is neatly folded and conveniently stored out of the way in minutes. Solar Saddle is easily connected to your pool on any side you desire. In one step, you remove and neatly store your solar cover. Your solar cover can be placed back on your pools water surface, easily, while you are either in or out of your pool. Truly the first, EZ on EZ off, solar cover storage system.

Easy to use, Simple to Install, and Affordable!

Using a Solar Saddle,solar cover management system, with your solar cover has two major advantages over a solar cover reel. The first, a solar cover reel allows all the debris that is on the solar cover to ultimately be dumped into your pool's water during solar cover removal. Secondly, if you have a solar cover reel, solar cover roller, or solar cover folder you still have to man handle and find a place for the appliance and solar cover storage. The Solar Saddle removes the debris from the pool and provides storage for your solar cover in one move. That's it nothing more to do.