Aqua Rite Pro Power Supply, Salt Cell, ORP & CO2 Sense & Dispense (40,000 Gallons) - AQRPRO40KSD




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Professional-grade Aqua Rite Pro takes pool and spa sanitization and chemistry automation to new levels building upon the industry leading salt chlorinator — Aqua Rite. This integrated solution automatically senses ORP and pH levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of pure chlorine generated from salt, while controlling pH. Integrating chemistry automation with sanitization eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad and lowers installation costs. So now pool owners get the most consistent water quality possible, water that's brilliant, soft and silkysmooth, for the best possible pool experience ever.

Q: What is the difference between the AquaRite & AquaRite Pro?
A: The AquaRite Pro has the ability to add the Sense and Dispense Add on Modules

Q: What are the Sense and Dispense Add on Modules?
A: This system comes with the AQLCHEM and AQLCHEM2 Sense and Dispense Add on Modules. The AQLCHEM allows for the AquaRite Pro to test the chlorine levels in the pool and then dispense the proper amount of chlorine back to the pool through the salt cell. The AQLCHEM2 allows for the AquaRite Pro to test the pH in the pool and then dispense the proper amount of pH back to the pool via a CO2 canister (CO2 Purchased locally)

Q: What is included in this system?
A: This System includes the AquaRite Pro Power Supply, Salt Cell, AQLCHEM & AQLCHEM2 Sense & Dispense Modules.

Q: Why is CO2 better than acid to maintain pH?
A: The reason we suggest maintaining your pH levels with CO2 instead of acid is because of the safety factor. First you don't have to store hazardous acid in a tank on your property. Secondly CO2 can only bring your acid level down 5.5 which is far below where you would need to have your pH, however acid can bring your pH levels all the way down to 0 which would be dangerous as well as harmful to your pool and equipment.

Sense and Dispense™

This professional-grade ORP and pH sense and dispense technology was previously only available for commercial pools. Goldline Controls now offers an economical approach, with the same level of accuracy, for residential in-ground pools. The AquaRite Pro Kit will sense the chlorine in the pool dispense the proper amount required to maintain your pool. The AquRite Pro Kit also senses the pH in the pool and dispense the proper amount of CO2 back to the pool to maintain your pH levels. Please note that the CO2 canister is purchased locally.

Turbo Cell®

Right-sized salt chlorination
Goldline Controls now offers a new line of Turbo Cells for their salt chlorination and controls solutions. The cells come in three sizes — 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The new sizes enable you to right-size your pool for the most-efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible. These cells are based on the proven Turbo Cell technology that made Goldline Controls the leader in salt chlorination. They automatically generate a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine — for water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Kit Includes:

  • AQRPRO - AquaRite Pro Power Supply
  • TCELL15 - AquaRite Pro Salt Cell for Pools up to 40,000 Gallons
  • AQLCHEM - Chemistry Kit 1 pH & ORP Sense, ORP Dispense
  • AQLCHEM2 - Chemistry Kit 2 CO2 pH Dispenses


  • Total Pool Chemistry Sense and Dispense ORP (Chlorine) and pH
  • For in-ground pools up to 40,000, 25,000 or 15,000 gallons
  • Use multiple units for larger pools


  • Total Pool Chemistry Sense and Dispense ORP (Chlorine) and pH
  • Simple homeowner operation
         — Adjust chlorine output from 1–100%
  • The best water quality attainable
         — Always crystal clear and ready for swimming
         — Soft silky feel—no more red eyes or dry skin
  • Microprocessor automates all functions
  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rates
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity
  • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door
  • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60 Hz power input
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • UL and CUL Listed, NSF certified

Product Specifications

Pool Size:
Up To 40,000 gal.

?     Asked on 3/15/2016 by Guido M. Schumacher

We have a solar pool pump. On sunrise and dawn the power of the flow is very little. Is Aqua Rite Pro able to handle this without a flow error, and will it start to work properly as soon the full flow is given? Second; I would need it with 220V -Power suppy. - Avaliable? Thank you!

A     Answered on 3/17/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Guido, The Flow Switch requires at least 11 GPM to be activated. You can wire this unit for wither 115 or 230 volts

?     Asked on 4/19/2015 by Greg

I'm a little confused; if I get this system do I need anything additional to balance the ph?

A     Answered on 4/19/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Greg, This system would do all the balancing of your pH through the CO2 dispenser. You would need to purchase the CO2 canisters locally as the actual CO2 does not come with the system.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest

Is the flow switch direction important?

A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes. The flow switch must be mounted so the arrows on the switch it’s self go in the direction of flow. Also, the flow switch requires 12 inches of straight pipe before the water enters the part to ensure there is no turbulence inside the switch compartment causing the switch to display “no flow” in error. Also, the switch needs to see at least 11GPM of flow to properly close the switch.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest

Can I use rock salt?

A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Rock salt is not an option. Rock salt has entirely too many impurities and could cause some issues with the pool water, or pool surfaces.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest

Why do I have to add murriatic acid to the pool?

A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Murriatic acid helps to control the pH in the pool. If the pH rises too high, adding in murriatic acid will lower pH level to a more tolerable level. Alkalinity helps to keep pH from fluctuating wildly but you will still experience fluctuations regardless.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest


A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The unit will run in 2 separate polarities and continually switch sides as long as the pump continues to run. The desired output percentage dial will tell the chlorinator how long to generate in each polarity, SUPER CHLORINATE simply tells the unit to ignore the dial setting for 24 hours and generate chlorine at 100% of its capability.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest

Will the Aqua Rite work on a portable spa?

A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The Aqua Rite chlorinator is specifically designed for use with in-ground pools, and will not work with portable spas or hot tubs due to its high output.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013 by Guest

Will the water taste salty?

A     Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Generally you should not be able to taste any salt in the pool because the level of salt in the water is so low, however some people with sensitive palates might detect a small amount of salt.

?     Asked on 5/28/2013 by Guest

Hi There I have a few questions I would like to see if you can answer on this system. 1. Will I need the Hayward Electrical Installation Kit ITEM # E-KIT or is it included? 2. What is the difference between the Hayward pH Dispense, 120V, Acid Feed ITEM # AQL-CHEM3-120 & the pH Dispense, 120V, Solenoid Valve for CO2 ITEM # AQL-CHEM? 3. Is there anything else I need to order to install this kit? 4. How large is the Aqua Rite Pro unit? How large is the Sense & Dispense unit?

A     Answered on 5/28/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi There,Yes the E-Kit is included. The AQL-CHEM3-12 is an acid tank and pump and would dispense muriatic acid to the pool to lower the pH in the pool. The AQL-CHEM hooks up to a CO2 Canister you would purchase locally and would use CO2 to lower the pH in the pool. So one system uses acid to lower the pH and the other would use CO2 The AQRPRO15KSD would be everything you need if you want to maintain the pH through CO2, if you would like to maintain your pH through acid then you would purchase the following items individually: AQRPRO - Aquarite Pro Power Supply, TCELL3 - Salt Cell, AQLCHEM, AQLCHEM3-120

?     Asked on 9/25/2012 by Guest

Does the Aquarite Pro system have to turn on and off with the pool pump?

A     Answered on 9/25/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes, the AquaRite Pro should turn on and off with the pool pump.

?     Asked on 2/29/2012 by Guest

Is the salt included with the salt chlorine generator?

A     Answered on 2/29/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

No, salt is not included.  You would purchase the salt locally and the quantity will depend upon the number of gallons of water in your pool.  Use a salt that is at least 99.8% pure NaCl. The preferred salt is evaporated, granulated, food quality, and NON-iodized.  Avoid using salt with anti-caking agents like sodium ferrocyanide, also known as yellow YPS (prussiate of soda). These cause some discoloration of fittings and pool surface finishes. DO NOT use calcium chloride.

?     Asked on 2/1/2012 by Guest

I have a pool that is about 10,000 gallons but I am thinking of buying a salt chlorine system for pools up to 20,000 gallons. Would the larger unit be a problem?

A     Answered on 2/1/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

It is not a problem to oversize a salt system.  It would take the larger unit less time to produce the necessary chlorine so it is actually more efficient.  When the pool volume is very close to the capacity of the salt chlorine generator (for example, the pool is 18,000 gallons and the generator is rated at a maximum of 20,000 gallons), we would recommend going up to the next size generator.


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