How to Determine if My Pump Is a Sta-Rite Dura-Glas or Dura-Glas II


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In this guide, we explain how you can identify whether you own a Sta-Rite Dura-Glas or Dura-Glas II, as well as determine the model year. Identifying the model year of your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas helps you ensure you purchase the correct shaft seal or gasket kit.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Model or Serial Number - The easiest way to figure out what pump model you own is to find the model or serial number on the pump housing. The model number is the easiest route to success. Sta-Rite’s pump model number format helps you identify the model in just two characters:

If the model number is faded or illegible for some reason, the next best thing is the serial number. The serial number is located on or around the same tag as the model number. Take a picture of the tag, jot down the complete serial number and call Pentair Sta-Rite at 800-831-7133 to identify the model and date of manufacture.

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Step 2

Pump Design - There are some key design features that differentiate the Dura-Glas from the Dura-Glas II, which should make it clear which model you have.

Ridges on Front Housing:
  • Dura-Glas (P2) has a spoked ridge design on the front housing
  • Dura-Glas II (P4) uses Horizontal ridgelines
Pump Housing Design:
  • Dura-Glas has a strainer housing and front housing, connected by a four-bolt flange
  • Dura-Glas II uses a single hull design, strainer, and front housing are molded in one piece.
Pump Basket:
  • Dura-Glas have a simple basket, with a handle
  • Dura-Glas II uses support ridges without a handle to ensure a snug fit

Step 3

Shaft Seal and Seal Plate - by now, you should have a pretty good idea what the model of your pump is, but if you have a Dura-Glas, you are not done yet. The Dura-Glas has two design phases for their shaft seal and seal plate, pre-1998 and 1998 to present.

As you can see in the corresponding picture, the pre-98 uses a shaft seal coupled with a metal cup (copper or stainless steel) that secures it into the seal plate.

The 98 to present uses a standard shaft seal that sits directly into the seal plate.

Step 4

Cross Compatible - The 1998 to present standard shaft seal can be used with either design phase. To get the standard shaft seal to work with the pre-98 design, you would install the seal directly into the seal plate instead of using the metal seal cup. The rubber sleeve around the white ceramic ring ensures a snug fit.

NOTE: The pre-98 shaft seal cannot be used on the post-98 design.

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