How to Read a Century Pool Pump Motor Serial Number


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In this guide, we’ll explain how to determine the age of your century branded pool pump motor. It can be important to know your pump motor’s age when determining if you are going to rebuild or replace it.

Step by Step


Step 1

Two Letter Serial number Code - A motor’s serial number that begins with two letters is an older format. The code uses the two-letter prefix to denote the year; the next digit defines the month. The last two digits are the manufacturing sequence which is not vital to identifying the motor’s age.

An example, CD1012 translates to a manufactured date of October 2008

Step 2

Five Digit Identifier (Short Code) - The five-digit identifier formats have a short and long version, we’ll start with the short style.

In our example, the serial number is 22913CH. The first three digits day of the year, it was made, and the following 2 digits note the year.

22913CH = The 229th of 2013, or August 17, 2013

Step 3

Five Digit Identifier (Long Code) - The same date numbering scheme applies, but you will be skipping that first letter.

S147130000236 = The 147th day of 2013, or May 22, 2013

Step 4

If you have decided to replace your motor, and need help finding a match, watch this video and guide on how to do so: How To: Find a Replacement Pool Pump Motor.



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