How To Clean Brown Pool Water


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It is a common scenario to wake up to a brown pool after a heavy rainstorm. The brown pool is caused by a large amount of rain that causes the deck to flood. The flooding can carry dirt from surrounding landscaping into the pool.

The good news is that cleaning up the pool is not a difficult or expensive process. In this guide, we explain how to get brown pool water clean.

Things You'll Need


Step by Step


Step 1

Remove Large Debris - If there was serious flooding, remove any large debris from the pool before turning on the pump.

Step 2

Clean Filter - We recommend cleaning the filter at the beginning of the process. Once the filter is clean, check the pressure reading and remember where it is when the filter is clean. The filter will need to be cleaned once there is a 10 PSI increase. 

For example, if you clean the filter and the PSI reading is 10, clean it again when it reaches 20 PSI. Depending on the size of the filter, it may need to be cleaned several times during clean up.

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Step 3

Turn Pump On - Turn the pump on and keep it running until the pool is clear.

Step 4

Drain Water - Drain the water to a level where it is halfway up the skimmer line.

Step 5

Vacuum Pool - There will be debris that settles on the bottom. It's a good idea to vacuum it up manually or with an automatic vacuum. 

In this example, we used a robotic cleaner. We kept in running all day to help speed up the process.

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Step 6

Test Water & Add Chlorine - The free chlorine level is the main concern. A low chlorine level will lead to an algae bloom and that's the last thing you want during a clean-up. 

In most cases, the chlorine level will be low. We recommend adding liquid chlorine because there will be less chance of the pool getting cloudier. Granular cal-hypo or di-chlor shock can also be used.

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Step 7

Repeat Steps 2-5 - Continue to repeat the steps above until the pool is completely clear. 

If it's been a few days and the water is still a little hazy, you can use a water clarifier to get the water back to normal.



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