How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 5, Erecting the Wall


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This guide is part 5 of a series of guides on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool. It covers the steps required to erect and secure the Pool Wall. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Step by Step


Step 1

WARNING - DO NOT erect your pool wall on a windy day. The Wall is a large surface and will get away from you and could fold leaving a long crease. This crease will not come out and will be a weak point in your Wall.

Step 2

PLACE LANDSCAPING STAKES - Place a number of landscaping stakes just outside the ends of the pool to help support the wall during initial installation. 17.08

Step 3

PLACE TAPE ON UPRIGHTS - Attach tape on each of the Straight Side Uprights in preparation for holding the wall up on the Straight Sides 17.18

Step 4

BRING WALL INTO POOL - Lay a piece of plywood or cardboard inside the pool and place the pool wall on top of it. Make sure the skimmer hole of the wall is positioned at the top end. 17.40

Step 5

START TO PLACE WALL - Start electing the wall by placing an end into the center of a Bottom Plate.  The location of this starting Plate should be near where you want to install your pump and filter. 17.56

Step 6

USE LANDSCAPE STAKES - Use the landscape stakes and c-clamps to help hold the wall up as you insert the wall into the Bottom Rails. If the Skimmer cutout or Return hole falls over an Bottom Plate, you will have to reposition the wall. 18.05

Step 7

TAPE WALL TO UPRIGHTS - As you get to the Uprights on the Straight Side, use the tape to hold the wall to each Upright.18.32

Step 8

CHECK WALL SEAM - When you have finished laying the wall into the Bottom Track and you find that the seam overlaps or does not come together, you will have to remove 18.50

Step 9

REMOVE WALL - Take the Wall out of the Bottom Track until the Curved Side Bottom Plates are uncovered. 18.55

Step 10

ADJUST BOTTOM TRACK - Move the Curved Side Bottom Rails in or out of the Curved Side Bottom Plates to expand or decrease the length of the track as required. Make these adjustments at all of the Curved Side Bottom Plates not just at the seam. 18.59

Step 11

REPLACE WALL - Place the Wall back into the Bottom Track and recheck seam alignment. 19.08

Step 12

LINE UP WALL BARS - If your pool has preattached Single Row Wall Bars, line the up so that the bars do not touch each other. 19.13

Step 13

BOLT BARS TOGETHER - Secure Bars together with a bolt in every hole. The heads of the bolts are on the inside of the pool. Hand tighten with hand tools.  19.34

Step 14

TAPE HEAD OR BOLTS - Cover the inside strip with three layers of duct tape to protect the pool liner from any sharp edges or burrs. 19.52

Step 15

BOLT BARS (OPTION TWO) - If your pool has Staggered Wall Bars, first line up the pool Wall ends. Then place a Wall Bar on either side of the pool Wall seam and bolt them together. Again place a blot in every hole and tape the inside hardware. 20.09

Step 16

PLACE UPRIGHTS ON BOTTOM PLATES - Place each Upright on a Curved Side Bottom Plate. The top of the Upright has an extra hole as shown. 21.20

Step 17

SECURE EACH UPRIGHT - Secure each upright to its Bottom Plate. If you have Resin Bottom Cups instead of  Steel Bottom Plates,  the Uprights will simply snap into the cups. 21.31

Step 18

GO TO NEXT PART - Now that you have erected the Pool Wall, you are ready to add the top supporting rails, and to finish preparation of the sand base. Go to "How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 6, Preparing for Liner". To return to the Overview, go to "How To Assemble an Above Ground Oval Pool - Overview".



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