How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 8, Installing Top Rail Assemblies


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This guide is part 8 of a series of guides on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool. It shows you how to install the pool's Top Rail Assemblies, including the 6-8" Top Rail that fits on top of the pool edge, and the Top Covers that fit over the top of the Uprights. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Step by Step


Step 1

INSTALL TOP RAILS -  Place a Top Rail section over the top edge of the pool and between each set of Uprights. Screw the Top Rails into the Top Plates of the Uprights.

Step 2

VIEW TOP COVERS - The Top Covers are installed over the top of each Upright. They are usually split into two sections: lower and upper. When you install these covers be aware that the covers for the oval ends are shaped differently than the covers for the flat sides.

Step 3

PLACE LOWER TOP COVERS - Place the lower half of the Top Cover onto an Upright Post and slide it up until it is fully engaged with the Top Rails.

Step 4

SECURE LOWER TOP COVER - Secure the Lower Top Cover to the Upright Post with a single screw.

Step 5

PLACE UPPER TOP COVER - Place the Upper Top Cover over the top of the Upright Post so that it engages with the Lower Top Cover.

Step 6

SECURE UPPER TOP COVER - Secure the Upper Top Cover to the Lower Top Cover with a single screw.

Step 7

REPEAT FOR OTHER TOP COVERS - Repeat the last four steps for the other Top Covers.

Step 8

FILL POOL TO 1 INCH - Begin filling the pool to a depth of 1 inch. As it is filling, back kick the liner corner seam into the corner of the pool to remove any remaining winkles in the liner floor. After the pool has filled to 1", you will not be able to move the liner.

Step 9

FILL POOL TO HALF FULL - After removing any floor winkles, fill the pool to half the pool depth.

Step 10

INSTALL SAFETY LABEL 1 - Install the larger safety label on the outside of the pool where you enter the pool, Note: your warranty may be void if the safety labels are not installed.

Step 11

INSTALL SAFETY LABEL 2 - Install the smaller safety label across from the pool entry, inside the pool and just above the water level.

Step 12

GO TO NEXT PART - You are now ready to install the Skiimmer and Return Port. Go to "How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 9, Installing Skimmer and Return". To return to the Overview, go to "How To Assemble an Above Ground Oval Pool - Overview".



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