How to Replace a Hayward Super II Pool Pump Motor


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Your Hayward Super II pump motor has died, and now you need to replace it. In this guide and video, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of replacing the motor on your Hayward Super II pool pump.


Step by Step


Step 1

Shut off Power to the Pump - Before you begin working on your pump, shut off power at the breaker.

Step 2

Disconnect Bonding Wire - Locate the motor's bonding lug, loosen the fastening screw, then remove the wire.

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Step 3

Remove the Motor End Cap - To access the motor's wiring, take off the end cap by its removing its two screws.

Step 4

Disconnect Wires - Disconnect all hot, ground, and neutral wires, and pull the wires out of the motor.

Only remove the wires entering the motor from the conduit hole.

Step 5

Remove the 6 Seal Plate Bolts - Use a 9/16" wrench to loosen, remove the bolts from the seal plate, then set them aside for use during the reinstallation.

Step 6

Remove the Motor Assembly - Slide the motor assembly back and away from the pump housing.

Step 7

Remove Diffuser and Impeller Wear Ring - Pull away the diffuser and impeller ring to reveal the impeller, then set these parts aside for reuse.

Step 8

Unscrew Impeller From Motor Shaft - Stabilize the back of the motor shaft with a 7/16th wrench so it cannot turn. While the motor shaft is stabilized, unscrew the impeller in a counter-clockwise direction. Set aside the impeller for later reuse.

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Step 9

Unscrew Conduit Adapter - Remove the conduit adapter from the Super II motor, then set it aside for later reuse.

Step 10

Remove Seal Plate - Pull off the seal plate from the Super II's motor mounting plate.

Step 11

Remove Mounting Plate Bolts, then Mounting Plate - Unscrew the remaining four bolts and separate the motor from the mounting plate. Set aside the mounting plate for later reuse. The old motor is now completely disassembled and can be discarded.

Step 12

Remove Shaft Seal From Seal Plate - Flip the seal plate over and use a flat head screwdriver to push out the old shaft seal.

Step 13

Remove Shaft Seal from Impeller Stem - Continue to remove the other half of the shaft seal from the impeller.  Both halves of the old shaft seal can now be discarded.

Step 14

Install Mounting Plate onto New Motor -  Acquire the new replacement motor and reinstall the mounting plate with four bolts.

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Step 15

Install Seal onto Impeller - Slide the new shaft seal's spring-loaded side onto the impeller stem.

Step 16

Install Other Half of Shaft Seal - Press the seal plate side of the new shaft seal into the seal plate. Make sure that the shaft seal is completely seated.

Step 17

Install Seal Plate - Place the seal plate onto the motor mounting plate.

Step 18

Install Impeller - Remove the new motor's end cap so you can stabilize the motor shaft using a 7/16" wrench. Screw on the impeller by turning in a clockwise direction. Tighten the impeller until the wrench and impeller move together.

Step 19

Re-Install Impeller Ring - Place the impeller ring back onto the impeller with the wide end facing out. 3:29

Step 20

Install Diffuser - Place the diffuser over the impeller. Be sure to align the diffuser's bottom tabs to the corresponding slots on the seal plate.

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Step 21

Install Diffuser O-ring - Apply Teflon lube to the new diffuser o-ring, then slide it into place.

Step 22

Install Housing Gasket - First, lubricate the new housing o-ring then install it into the Super II's pump housing groove.

Step 23

Slide Motor Into Housing - Slide the motor assembly back into the pump housing.

Step 24

Install Motor Mounting Bolts - Reinstall 6 bolts to secure the motor assembly.

Step 25

Screw-on Conduit Adapter - Reinstall the conduit adapter onto the new motor.

Step 26

Connect Wires to New Motor - Run the previously removed wires back into the new motor to reconnect according to the wiring diagram found on the motor label.

Step 27

Install Bonding Wire - Reattach the copper bonding wire onto the motor bonding lug.

Step 28

Fasten End Cap - Reinstall the motor end cap to the back of the motor.

Step 29

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your Hayward Super II motor. If you have any additional questions,  leave a comment down below and we'll be happy to answer them.

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 Posted: 2/12/2023 

I purchased a new motor and seal kit and can’t get it to stop leaking… any suggestions what else to try?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 2/16/2023 

The critical thing to know is, where is it leaking from? Different leak locations will have different courses of action.