How To Replace a Jandy AquaLink RS Auxilliary Power Center Circuit Bd


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The Jandy AquaLink RS Control System has multiple configurations. Most setups are limited to the standard one box AquaLink System for 8 functions.  The system discussed here has two interlinked control boxes to handle up to 16 functions. The first control box is called the Primary Power Center and the second control box is called the Auxilliary Power Center. Each Power Center has its own unique Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This guide shows you how to replace a Jandy AquaLink RS  AUXILLIARY Power Center Circuit board. see our guide on "How To Set Up In Ground Pool Equipment - Part 6 - Control" for examples of the types of functions that can be controlled by this system.


Step by Step


Step 1

VIEW PRIMARY PCB - This picture shows the front of the Printed Circuit Board for the Primary Jandy Aqualink RS Control System.

Step 2

VIEW AUXILLIARY PCB - This picture shows the front of the Printed Circuit Board for the Auxilliary Jandy Aqualink RS Control System. This is the PCB that we will be replacing in this guide.

Step 3

UNSCREW FRONT COVER - Release the Front Cover of the PCB by removing the two upper middle screws.

Step 4

ROTATE COVER OUT - Rotate the Cover down to remove it from the Power Center Box.

Step 5

UNSCREW PCB - Release the Printer Circuit Board by removing the two top corner screws.

Step 6

ROTATE PCB OUT - Rotate the PCB down and pull it out of its bottom slots.

Step 7

VIEW PCB  - Look at the PCB. There are three sets of cables that have to be disconnected from the PCB: A 4-pin terminal, a 2 pin terminal, and a set of 8 Aux terminals on the bottom edge of the PCB (not shown).

Step 8

REMOVE 4-PIN TERMINAL - Pull the 4-Pin terminal off the top of the PCB.

Step 9

REMOVE 2-PIN TERMINAL - Pull the 2-Pin terminal off the right backside of the PCB.

Step 10

VIEW 8 AUX TERMINALS - Pull the 8 red terminals off the bottom edge of the PCB. Note , we marked these individual cables before we realized that they were already labeled. See insert on the right side of the picture. Each terminal should be labeled: with a number on the side of the terminal and a "AUX B#" notation where the terminal plugs into the PCB. In the example shown; a seven is on the terminal and "AUX B7" is along side the base.

Step 11

REMOVE 8 AUX TERMINALS - Pull each of the 8 terminals off the bottom of the PCB.

Step 12

VIEW NEW DETACHED PCB - This is a picture of the new Auxilliary Power Center PCB before any cables are attached.

Step 13

ATTACH 2-PIN TERMINAL - Push the 2-Pin Terminal onto the PCB.

Step 14

ATTACH 8 AUX TERMINALS - Push each of the 8 red terminals onto their respective bases. Make sure the labeled numbers match up.

Step 15

ATTACH 4-PIN TERMINAL - Push the 4-Pin terminal on the top left edge of the PCB.

Step 16

PLACE PCB IN SLOT - Place the tabs on the bottom of the PCB into the slots as indicated and rotate the PCB up.

Step 17

SECURE PCB - Secure the PCB to the Control Center Frame with the two corner screws.

Step 18

REPLACE FRONT COVER - Slide the bottom edge of the Front Cover over the bottom edge of the PCB, rotate it up and secure the Cover with two screws.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 1/28/2015 

LUQUINVAS - Please review our guide on "How To Set Up In Ground Pool Equipment - Part 0 - Overview". It should answer many of your questions. If you would like to talk to someone in our company that speaks Spanish, call Hector at 877-372-6038 x715. He can answer your specific questions or link you with a Jandy rep that can.

 Posted: 1/24/2015 

Dear Friends...

I going to install an AquaLink Pc Board at Home. I need that for install these:

Spa Pump,
1 pool pump,
1 infinity pump for the pool.
1 blower for the Spa.
7 Jandy light for the pool (12VDC),
2 spa light (12VDC),,
1 SpaLink to control.
1 Jandy AquaLink Touch monted inside the house. (The Jandy Touch is connected wire- because we don´t have internet now.)

1 auto Pilot I don´t know if the AquaLink Pc Board control this.

We have 1 box for the PC BOARD AQUALINK RS (Primary) and 1 more for the second interconnected Jandy Aqualink RS Power Center.

Ok. My questions are the following:

Question1: If I have 2 red connectors in the Primary Pc Board, can I install in the first red connector the AquaLink® Touch and the SpaLink®? I ask this because I read this in the Spalink Manual. (NOTE: For use with an AquaLink® RS System ONLY! AquaLink® RS software revision must be Rev. “G” or later.)

Question 2: Also, I read that when I go to install the AquaLink® Touch the firmware, in the power center must be updated to revision Q or later.

Question 3: My following questions how many pumps can I install in the Primary AquaLink PC Board.

I hope you can help me soon please.

Sorry because I don´t speak English. Just Spanish..

Thank a lot..