How To Replace The Steering Assembly On The 2 Wheel Pool Cleaner


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The Pool Cleaner has a programmed steering system that causes the left wheel to periodically reverse, allowing it to turn and then move into another direction. Over the course of time, the steering assembly may become damaged. This guide will show you how to replace it and get your cleaner back up and running.

Things You'll Need

Step by Step


Step 1

Turn off the pool pump and disconnect the hose from the head of the cleaner.

Step 2

Remove the 3 screws located on the top of the cleaner with a philips screw driver.

Step 3

Once the shroud is removed, the turbine cover will be visible.

Step 4

Remove the turbine cover to expose the turbine.

Step 5

If necessary, you can remove the turbine vanes one by one. You can do this by sliding them to one side.Be sure to note which way they are facing before removing them. Take a picture for reference if possible.

Step 6

Next, remove the left and right wheel using the allen key.

Step 7

At this point, the steering assembly and front right gear drive will be visible.

Step 8

The steering assembly can simply be pulled out.

Step 9

To remove the front right gear drive, use the large drive gear to push the bearings and front right gear drive out of the main body.

Step 10

You can use your finger to push out the second bearing.

Step 11

Now you can begin installing the new parts.

Step 12

First, install one of the bearings back into the main body.

Step 13

Next, slide the second bearing onto the gear drive.

Step 14

Push the gear drive back into the main body making sure that notches fit into the first bearing and the large drive gear.

Step 15

Install the new steering assy. making sure that the notches fit into the large gear drive.

Step 16

With the new steering assy in place, install the wheels making sure that the teeth make contact with the steering assembly.

Step 17

Next, install the turbine veins and cover.

Step 18

Re-install the shroud and fasten the 3 screws to secure it to the cleaner body.

Step 19

Your repair is now complete. Re-connect the hoses then turn on the pool pump and prime the hose. The cleaner should be operating normally now.



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