How To Select the Shaft Seal for a Jandy PlusHP PHPM & PHPF Pump


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In this guide, we explain how to select the correct shaft seal for a Jandy PlusHP PHPM and PHPF Pump. There were two different shaft seals used on these models since it was introduced in 2006.

Step by Step


Step 1

LOCATE SERIAL NUMBER - Find the label on your pump housing that displays the Jandy model number and serial number.

The serial number in our example is V15FJ0245.

Note: Do not look on the motor specification label for the serial number of the pump.

Step 2


If the serial number is before P08FF0001, the correct shaft seal is part number 5020-086.

If the serial number is after P08FF0001, the correct shaft seal is part number 5020-087

In our example, the serial number is V15FJ0245. The correct shaft seal would be 5020-087 because the letter V is after P in the alphabet. 

If the serial number started with N, the shaft seal would be 5020-086 because N is before P in the alphabet.

Step 3

OPTIONS IF NO SERIAL NUMBER - There are a couple of options if you are unable to read or find the serial number. 

1) Order both shaft seals and return the one that doesn't fit.

2) Measure the ID of your current shaft seal. If the inside diameter of the shaft seal is 13/16", you'll need part number 5020-086. If the inside diameter of the shaft seal is 5/8", you'll need part number 5020-087.

Note: Option two would require you to dismantle the pump in order to measure the existing shaft seal.



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