How To Install a Throttling Valve For an Off-Line Chlorinator


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Unlike an in-line chlorinator where the full force of water from the pump goes directly through the chlorinator, an off-line chlorinator allows only a certain amount of water to go through the hoses which divert to the chlorinator and then to the pool. A throttling value allows you to divert more water into the chlorinator.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools You Will Need: 1) Hacksaw 2) Felt Pen 3) PCV Glue

Step 2

Turn off electricity going to the pump motor via your fuse box, not just the timer. You don’t want the pump to turn on when you are doing this.

Step 3

Determine the size of your pipe, typically 1 1/2" or 2” and go to the plumbing department of your local hardware store and ask for a Throttling Valve and any required adapting fittings.

Step 4

Determine where you are going to put the valve. Look closely at the instructions for installing the Off-Line Chlorinator as you will need to allow space on either side for the clamps that attach to the input and output hoses. Make a mark on either side of the pipe to the exact width of the valve. Now, make another mark 3/4” in from the original mark. This is going to be where you will cut the pipe.

Step 5

Cut the pipe. Use a hack saw with a new blade. It will help you make a straighter cut.

Step 6

Fit the valve into place to be sure it is a good fit. MAKE SURE THE FLOW IS GOING IN THE PROPER DIRECTION. Determine where the valve will face (typically on the side of the pipe, not the top) and be sure you have easy access to it. Remove.

Step 7

Put glue on the end of the pipe and inside the valve ends. Be careful not to slop the glue inside the valve mechanism.

Step 8

Put the valve on and let dry a couple hours or as instructed on the can. After drying, turn on pump to be sure there are no leaks.

Step 9

Now you will want to install your OFF-LINE CHLORINATOR. See our guide: How To Install a Pool Off-Line Chlorinator



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